Friday, May 31, 2019

Halloween Miniatures: Lilly's Figment

If you're participating in the Shivers of Delight Haunted Miniature Room Challenge I have some tiny pieces that you might be interested in. They're made by Chris at Lilly's Figment (named after her cat Tigerlilly.) There are lots of great haunted miniatures here including furniture and wall hangings. Everything is 1:12 scale.

Miniature Haunted Buffet
Miniature Portrait of Poe
Miniature Gargoyle
Miniature Ghost in a Mirror
Miniature Portrait of Witches
Miniature Victorian Black Poison Settee
I get my haunted room inspiration around specific pieces. I love it so much that I imagine the rest of the room. Hope that works for you too.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Raise A Flag for Halloween!

Did you miss me yesterday? Sorry about that. I've been giving myself a break on days that I have a full schedule. I've started taking a 7am yoga class so that I'll be in top shape by Halloween. I want to pretend to be a crone- not actually look like one.

Speaking of Halloween, I found some pretty cool yard flags with a Halloween theme from NakedManPress. I like these because there is one that is customizable. I'm thinking I'd like to hang a flag with our Trick-or-Treating hours on it. I love Halloween, but the door closes to kids by 9pm. I have spells to cast after all.  There are also some great Christmasy Krampus flags just to stir up the neighbors.

 Skull Flag with Hill House Lettering
Witch Garden Flag
Halloween Magic Garden Flag
Merry Krampus Garden Flag
Red Krampus Garden Flag

I have to show you this one too because it's perfect for our house.

Don't Knock Garden Flag
That red krampus gives me ideas for our Christmas decor this year. I think a giant krampus on the porch might be the perfect finishing touch.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Halloween Altered Gas Cans

The weather was beautiful in New England this past weekend and we spent a significant amount of time in our yard cleaning up the garden. I realize I need more garden art. I want a sculpture garden! But I digress a bit. What I've found for you to consider for your porch or garden are some awesome metal cans that have been altered to look like carved pumpkins. I purchased one at Brimfield Flea Market last fall from Relics Awry in Indianola, Iowa. I love it and  you can see it sits on my back porch.

That shop doesn't have any pumpkin cans at the moment, so I'm sending you over to The Mustard Seed 205 located in Marble Hill, Missouri. Just as awesome and several to choose from!

Gas Can Jack O'Lantern
Gas Can Jack O'Lantern, Moby
Gas Can Jack O'Lantern, Shep
Gas Can with Cat
Gas Can Jack O'Lantern, Calvin
Gas Can Jack O'Lantern, Sam
These are really fun and you can keep them up all year long!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Miniatures: Halloween Inspired Rooms

It's Friday! And, as promised, I'm featuring miniatures or dollhouse-size pieces to inspire you to participate in the Haunted Room Challenge. Today I have some examples of completed rooms. The cool thing about doing just one room is that you can put it almost anything. You'll see a room in a clock and a lantern. Think outside the box (ha) for ideas of what to set your room in.

Little Halloween Shop from DinkyWorld
Haunted Mansion Hallway from TallTalesCreations
Dracula's Castle & Sarcophagus from MiniMyEye
A Bad Harvest in the Hollow from ChimericalReveries
Miniature Freddy Krueger Nightmare Room from EdmonstonStudios
The Shining Hallway from FlopsyDinkyDioramas
Miniature Fairy Kitchen from jupitermoon3
Witch's Parlor in Clock from jupitermoon3
I hope this sparks some ideas for you. If you're thinking of putting a room inside a pumpkin (do it!) you might find some inspiration from my post Beltane Fairies.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019 Miniature Haunted Room Challenge

If you're a fan of this blog, I think it's safe to assume that you love decorating for Halloween. Whether you have a house or one room to decorate, is it true for you (like it is for me) that there is never enough space, time, or money to do everything you want to do?

I think the way to satisfy our ultimate Halloween decorating desires may just be through creating tiny dollhouse-size rooms where we can fulfill our wildest nightmares! That's why I'm creating the Miniature Haunted Room Challenge for Shivers of Delight followers.

The challenge is as easy or difficult as you want it to be. All that's required is for you find an object that will house your tiny room and start designing your spooky interior over the next few months. Aim to have it finished by October 1st and then send me up to 5 photos of your finished room so that I can share them on Shivers of Delight during the Halloween season for everyone to admire. Your room doesn't need to include ghosts, just make it spooky.

I've set up a Miniature Haunted Room Challenge event on Facebook. To participate, just indicate that you'll be attending. Feel free to post your work-in-progress photos or share ideas. I'll be posting suggestions of where to purchase spooky miniatures and some inspirational rooms every Friday until October.

Every one who submits a Miniature Haunted Room for posting will receive a small Halloween token of my appreciation with the Shivers of Delight stamp of approval.

Head to the Facebook event now!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Pâper Maché Halloween

Don't you love the vintage look of pâper maché Halloween pieces? As more and more people turn to paper clay for their artistic medium, it makes pâper maché even more special to me. Molly is creating all sorts of delicious pieces for a variety of holidays, but Halloween is King. The shop is Porch and Mantel.

Halloween Spider
Skeleton Figure with Cat and Bat and Owl
Jack O'Lanterns
Witch Book of Spells
Vintage Style Skeleton Halloween Stick Puppet
Halloween Cat Figure
Buy, buy, buy! Don't wait or they'll be gone.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Skull Rings Never Get Old

I love skull rings on all sorts of people. I can't get enough of them. I tried to convince my husband when we got married that we should get skull wedding rings, but my practical engineer would have nothing to do with it. Well, I've been making up for it since then by purchasing skull rings for my other fingers. The faux bone skull rings from Dragos Ionita (I hope that's your real name) are perfect for the someone with a dark witch attitude who's not messin' around. The shop is liketotallyakid.

Skull Ring with Black Obsidian
Skull Ring with Roses
Skull Ring with Tigereye
Skull Ring with Amethyst
Walnut Skull Ring
All Seeing Eye Skull Ring

These rings are splendid and will look fabulous on you and your goth friend.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Dark and Dreamy Art Prints

The watercolor and pencil prints by Emma V. Hamilton caught my eye right away. I love the blue and purple colors and the way the wash blurs the spooky images just slightly. There are lots of inexpensive prints in this shop and I'm looking forward to seeing more original work too. The shop is Emma Valentine Art.
Skull Bead Print
Death Moth Print
Skeleton Witch Print
Skeleton Print
Goblin Bat Print
Double Skull Print
These are lovely, don't you think?