Friday, June 28, 2019

Halloween Miniatures: Green Gypsies

I'm finally making some progress on my miniature haunted room for the Shivers of Delight Miniature Haunted Room Challenge. As I mentioned previously, I have an Edward Gorey theme to the room. This is what it looks like so far. (You may have seen it on my Instagram page- don't forget to follow me there too.)

I hope you'll join me in this fun summer project. Photo of rooms are due by October 1st so you still have plenty of time to create something. And it doesn't have to be fancy! You can use a a cardboard box with paper furniture if you'd like.

For a little inspiration, I have some spooky miniatures from Green Gypsies. Find a piece you like and let it inspire your room.

Miniature Fortune Teller Sign
Miniature Gold Framed Skull Print
Miniature Pumpkin Rug
Tiny Spooky Magazines
Miniature Bloody Hand Towels
Doll House Morgue Accessories
Miniature Crime Scene Tape
I really hope someone is going to create a morgue or a funeral home.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Fit for a Dark Circus: Aberly Arts

Recently I've started seeing circuses pop up around New England. I always know that summer has finally arrived when I see my first amusement ride being hauled on the highway. Yes, I know it's the end of June, but that's when the circus arrives here.

The mixed-media art dolls from Alyona Aberly have a dark-circus sideshow presence. They're not frightening (well, there are a few I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley), but they certainly are odd. The shop is Aberly Arts.

Creepy Circus Clown
Goth Goblin
Circus Clown
Morte Teddy Bear
Margo the Clown
Creepy Bunny
Some of these dolls would make interesting Halloween costumes.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Witchy Jewelry: Feral Strumpet

Summer nights need bewitching jewelry on bare skin. Don't you agree? Ally Shaw calls the pieces in her shop "wanton whimsies." If you're feeling particularly witchy, take a look. The shop is Feral Strumpet.

Dark Moon & Skeleton Necklace
Witch Wish Box Necklace
Carved Wood Skull Earrings
Gothic Bat Necklace
Winged Skull Necklace
Witches Tarot Necklace
Kitchen Witch Pentagram Ring
Go out into the night.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Skull Vases: Jean's Clay Studio

My garden is bursting with flowers right now. I thought the roses would never bloom. It's been a very wet New England spring, you see, and I think it's about time I can bring some flowers into the house. These vases from potter Jean Smaglik Wells are lovely in their simplicity and a perfect way to honor life while while keeping in mind the alternative. The shop is Jean's Clay Studio.

White Sugar Skull Vase
Colorful Sugar Skull Vase
White Skull Wall Vase
Black Sugar Skull Wall Vase
White Sugar Skull Serving Bowl
Sugar Skull Mug Set
Sugar Skull Vase
They're adorable and would tuck right into your altar. I need one.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Haunting Miniatures: The Petite Provisions Co.

I'm starting to look forward to Fridays and my postings for haunting miniature furniture and accessories. I can't believe how the artists can work at such a tiny scale! There is still plenty of time to join us in the Shivers of Delight Miniature Haunted Room Challenge where you design your own spooky miniature room box and send pictures of your finished project to the blog for some fun October posts.

This week I have some shivery delights from The Petite Provisions Co. Wait till you see the tiny Halloween treats! Erika Pitera has items for all seasons, but her Halloween pieces are going to speak to you.

Miniature Ghost Brownies
Tiny Poison Apple Cookies
Edgar Allan Poe's Writing Desk
The Black Hat Society Witches Sign
Miniature Halloween Pies
Tiny Batty Halloween Martini in a Tray
Don't you love these? Many of Pitera's items are made to order so don't delay if you want to finish by October.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Killhouettes for Framing

Killouettes are, as described by the artist John Fair, "a Victorian silhouette cutter's nightmare." These simple black and white prints are macabre and may cause the casual viewer passing by to stop in their tracks.  They also make me grin. See what you think. (Don't despair, there is no writing on the actual prints)

Jumping Rope with Claudia
The Family that Slays Together
Lady Butterwick's Trophy Husband
Lord Cranberry
Gunpowder Tea
Gwen's Got a Dark Side
The prints offered in the shop are all $6 a piece. A steal! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Preserved Spider Webs: Creative Cinderella

I saw a great looking spider web in my garden this weekend and thought briefly of snatching it so that I could try framing one. You can find the instructions on the "inter web," but I felt bad about disturbing Ms. Spider so I left her alone to bask in the sun. Fortunately there are people out there who know how to do it and don't feel so bad about the uprooting of a spider.

Laura, the owner of Creative Cinderella, is an expert at spider relocation. Her shop has framed spider webs and spider web jewelry and even spider web bookmarks. She also has some pillows inspired by the webs she finds.

Preserved Real Spider Web
Framed Itsy Bitsy Spider Web
Spider Web Necklaces
Spider Webs Bracelet
Spider Web Bookmarks
Spider Web Pillow
Colorful Spider Web Necklaces

Laura must have a factory full of working spiders! Her pieces are really fun and affordable.