Monday, January 25, 2021

Warm Your Cold Dark Heart

Last night as I went to bed my husband asked me if I was cold. I replied to the effect that only in my heart- he added "and your soul too?" I'm sure all I needed was a warm, spooky quilt to soothe me. You need to sort of relish and sink into the Miserable Season to get through it and what finer way than with a handmade quilt?

Lost Thoughts Mosaic Quilt from Ironside Innovations

Forest Moon Art Quilt from Interior Art Quilts

Halloween Quilt from Hobble Creek Patchwork

Sugar Skull Quilt from Seams Like Fun by Kathy

Bubbling Cauldron Art Quilt from Moms Obsession

Ghost Throw Quilt from Off Kilter Quilts

Raise Your Self Worth Quilt Art from Tessa Perlow Inc.

The Tower Quilt from Tessa Perlow Inc.

Moon Man Art Quilt from Bug Girl Handmades

While you might not be able to wrap yourself up in all these quilts, I think they'll warm your cold, dark heart just a little bit.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Scrumptious Skulls

As a lover of Halloween, you just can't have too many skulls in your life. I have them represented in our house year round. By the way, did you see the skull toilet posted on Reddit recently? For half a second I was actually picturing it in our bathroom.  Don't worry, the items I'm showing you today are a bit more subtle and all the lovelier for it.   

Sugar Skull Metal Sign from Bristometals

Skull Love Afghan from Zen by Jenn Studio

Wire Wrapped Raccoon Skull from Pearl Odin Creations

Seize the Night Dress from Glam Cloud

Don't Believe Everything Skull from Bad Dog Metalworks

Amethyst Skull Necklace from Flying Skull Silver

See? Not a single crazy thing here.... still thinking about that skull toilet, aren't you?

Monday, January 11, 2021

Textile Art for the 365-Spooky Wardrobe

This past week I happened to be interested in pieces made by textile artists that had skeletons and skulls worked into them. I've been thinking a lot about my wardrobe lately since working from home doesn't have the same requirements as office work. Maybe some of these will interest you as well?

Detachable Collar with Fairy Skeleton from Yashchirka Clothes

Embroidered Halloween Hat from Uinta Mountain Arts

Beaded Deer Skull Necklace from Holly Timis Designs

Heart in a Jar Appliqué Jean Jacket from MLI Dermis

Skull and Crossed Feathers Patch from Circa 1975 Chainstitch

Embroidered Skull Brooch from Stitch LAV

Embroidered Plaque Doctor Mask from Omni And Herba

If your wardrobe tends to be 365 days of spooky, you should check out these artists' shops. After all, you deserve more that ratty sweatshirts and leggings.

Monday, January 4, 2021

La Befana, The Christmas Witch

In Italian culture, La Befana is a witch that gives candy and toys to children on Epiphany Eve, January 5th. The legend is that the Wise Men stopped at Befana's house to ask directions to find the baby Jesus. She did not know the way, but invited them to stay the night with her and rest. The next day they invited her to go with them, but she declined. Later she regretted her decision and went out on her own to look for the baby Jesus and though she didn't find him, she still stops at every house with a child to deliver presents. Basically that's the story. You should probably look to a more reliable source than me on this one, but that's the official Shivers of Delight version of the story. 😉

You can guess that the theme for this week is La Befana, or the Christmas Witch. As always, it's worth a look at these artist's shops to find out more about them.

La Befana Witch Doll from LoreleiBlu

La Befana Witch Art Doll from Kenfolks

La Befana Watercolor Print from Giada Rose

La Befana Needle Felted Doll from Mandi Yates Elwood

La Befana Original Ink Wash Drawing from Andy Sciazko Art

Glass Witch Ornament from BluBom

Witch Yule Hat from The Witchmasters Hats

I think there are so many strange and wondrous things in the world that it's a shame to limit yourself to Halloween. I hope that your childlike sense of wonder will allow you to find a gift on Epiphany Eve!