Monday, February 22, 2021

Halloween Ceramics

I'm always looking for some haunting ceramics to decorate our home. I don't just want them out at Halloween though. I'm looking for pieces that can hold their own throughout the year. Here are a few pieces I'm looking at right now.

Skull Jar with Eyeball from Sharon Bloom

Happy Phantom Vase from Fruitpocalypse

Celestial Apothecary Jar from Twilight Owl Design

Skeleton Wall Vase from Jillatay

Raku Ceramic Bat Jar from MW Mudworks

Ceramic Skull Vase from Jimmy D Lanza

Ancient Egyptian Dancing Skeleton Jar from Ginny Waters Ceramics

These pieces let people know you're spooky without screaming "Halloween!"

Monday, February 15, 2021

Memento Mori

Last week we had to lay to rest our cat JoJo. She was a princess in our household of cats and it was especially difficult because she fought her cancer till the end. It was a gloomy week for my husband and I and now all I can think about is death and of course honoring those who have passed. I hope these memento mori pieces give you comfort like they did for me.

Hand-Painted Skull Necklace from Giulia Fracasso

Tiny Copper Memento Mori Bell from Dead President Coin Rings

Memento Mori Hair Pick from MarrieKo

Seed Bead Skull Brooch from Melancholia Craft

Jewel Encrusted Skull from Anne Rea Designs

Skeleton Coffin Assemblage from Ennit Arts

Skull Assemblage Wall Lamp from Sue Moerder Skull Art

Choose to be comfortable with the thought of death. It makes life easier.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Halloween Forever!

Everyday is Halloween! I love that there are artists who devote so much of their work to the holiday. But it's more than just a holiday for us, isn't it? Today I have some pieces that just reached out and grabbed my attention.

Sugar Skull Stained Glass Lantern from Burnished Spirit

Leather Jack-o'-lantern Bag from Artisan Leather Crafts

Day of the Dead Vase from Arte Orgullo Mexicano

Needle Felted Halloween Pumpkin from Czar Design

Halloween Art Doll from Irina Portik

Pumpkin Topiaries from Artsplosion Studio

That's it for this week! Buy something spooky.

Monday, February 1, 2021

Halloween Art for Less than $100

I've been showing you some fairly pricey Halloween art lately so I thought I would bring us back to the fact that great Halloween art can be found at a variety of prices. The better known the artist -the higher the price, but you can find great lesser-known artists that create pieces with price tags much more affordable. If you see something you like here, be sure to check out the artist's shop!

Bat & Crystal Plant Stakes from The Umbra House ($40)

Wooden Sugar Skull Flower Press from Rutzy Family ($14-$65)

Hand Painted Galactic Bat Window Cling from Brettique Studio ($15)

Original Haunted House Ink Illustration from Day of December ($26)

Dead Delores Art Doll from Familiar Friend ($56)

Halloween Skull Earrings from bstrung ($56)

Plague Doctor Mug from Ginny Waters Ceramics ($48)

Raven Halloween Assemblage from Sherry Matthews ($25)

It's possible to have a Halloween art collection at just about any budget. You just have to search for it- or stay tuned to the Shivers of Delight blog!