Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Halloween on a Platter

Sharon Wittke paints primitive style Halloween scenes on wooden platters and bowls and even a chair now and then. If you have a strong sense of nostalgia about Halloween, you're going to like Wittke's fairytale paintings of happy witches, pumpkins and black cats. It's a world I could live in. You can purchase a one-of-a-kind piece at Ravens Bend Folk Art.

Halloween Plate with Witch Pulling Cat
Halloween Ghost Tray
Witch Hanging Laundry Tray
Halloween Witch's Pumpkin House

Black Cats & Pumpkins Platter
Halloween Trick-or-Treat Tray
These days we could all use a little escape from reality. Wittke's art can help you step into a magical world where witches and ghosts welcome you into their homes. Maybe you can get a cup of tea.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Spooky Halloween Trees

I keep a bookmark on Mr. Bony's Nurse. This shop always has some Halloween figure that catches my eye and this time it's the spooky trees Nurse Linda is making. I've been thinking that I'd like to create a Halloween tree filled with lanterns for my outside Halloween decor this year and Mr. Bony's Nurse popped up for some inspiration.

Spooky Pumpkin Tree
Scary Halloween Tree
Halloween Tree
Huge Spooky Tree
Spooky Tree Candy Box
There is something special about a spooky looking tree that gives me shivers of delight. Nurse Linda has many Halloween sculptures in her shop. Take a look.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Halloween Folk Art Figures

I try to dig up a little information when artists don't give their full names on Etsy, but I had no luck with Abbybelle Folk Art. Even her (?) website didn't offer any clues. So, let's move one. Abbybelle offers some whimspookal clay figurines and ornaments that will remind you of vintage Halloween decor. If you're at Midsummer Scream in California this weekend, you'll find their booth at #215. You'll find them on Etsy at Abbybelle.

Black Cat on a Stick
Gray Skeleton Cat
Witch Ornament
Jack O'Lantern on a Stick
Ghost Trick-or-Treater Figurine
Grim Reaper Figurine

If you can't afford actual vintage Halloween items, these are the next best thing!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Mother of Monsters

You may remember that I have an awesome, antique, wicker, baby carriage that I picked up at a yard sale for a pittance. It still sits in my basement waiting to be reborn into a Halloween prop. Maybe this is the year? It would really help my motivation if I had a tiny monster baby to put in it.  Tam Maggard is just the artist who may be able to help me.  Her shop is Mother of Monsters and she hand crafts all sorts of adorable, baby monsters.

Baby Vampire Count Orlok
Baby Werewolf Pup
Baby Werewolf Pup
Little Baby Devil Figure
Baby Vampire Bat
Mandrake Root Baby
Even monsters need to be loved and cared for.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Fine Leather Skulls

Leather and skulls. What a delightful combination. Amy and Tanner Skrocki (Edmonton, Canada) hand craft sumptuous, leather goods in their workshop. Many of their items have a dark side and skulls are prominent. These are items you'll treasure. Visit their shop Skrocki.

Skull Tote Bag
Skull Purse
Skull Guitar Strap
Skull Book of Shadows
Memento Mori Bookmark
Skull Waist Cinch

I'm in love with everything in this shop. They have the perfect combination of elegant and toughness.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Macabre Miniature Shadowboxes

I often see artists using pre-made coffins for their art, but I think Janice the artist behind Ah The Macabre is doing something very creative. She uses the coffins as mini shadowboxes for macabre miniature scenes. If you don't have space for a haunted doll house, these little shadowboxes may be perfect. There are lots of well-crafted details in each piece so make sure you hop over to the the shop to see close-up photos.

Jack the Ripper
Mad Scientist Lab
Dark Circus
The Deady Bears Picnic
The Mad Scientist Lab II
Witch Hutch
I'm smitten. I just love miniature scenes of horror.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Strange & Unusual Clothing for Everyday

Valkyrie Apparel Tees has some great t-shirts, blouses, and dresses.  Shop owner Jennifer Iannaconi sells everything in sizes extra small to 5X and the best part of that is the price doesn't change by size. That's some square dealing my friends. I also like that the shop menu is defined by strange and unusual categories like "sinning," "villains," "victoriana," -you get the idea.

Spider Web Zip Hoodie
Devil and Poison Long Sleeve T-shirt
Cemetery Gates Tunic Dress
Raven on Writing Desk Long Sleeve Blouse
Red Death T-shirt
Cthulhu Ffhtagn Canvas Tote

Click on the images to see the fronts and back of these pieces. I love that there is printing on both sides.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Tattoo Printed Tights

I am one of the rare people these days without a tattoo. I admire tattoos on other people and I'm not afraid of pain. I imagine I'll get around to it some day. In the mean time, I like to play around with temporary tattoos. Natali Cohen has a shop called ColineDesign that carries tights and stockings printed with tattoo designs. I love them!

Snake Tattoo Tights
Eyes Tattoo Tights
Large Sugar Skull Tattoo Tights
Eye Tattoo Knee High Socks
Snake Tattoo Tights
Spider Tattoo Tights
The Raven Printed Tights
These are so fun! Sign me up for the month of October.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Haunting Piecework Quilts

Nicole Young is stitching up some haunting piecework quilts that you can hang on your wall or use as a lap quilt. Young designs the patterns that she sells in her shop Lillyella Stitchery.  I like that her pieces aren't all full quilts. If you've ever wanted to quilt but don't have the time for a bedspread these are perfect for dipping your feet in. Young says her patterns are for advanced beginners or intermediate quilters with piecing experience.

Midnight Bat Paper Piecing Pattern

Midnight Bite Death Head Moth Quilt Pattern
Wicked Weaver Wall Hanging Quilt Pattern
Seeker Skull Wall Hanging Pattern
Flame Seeker Mini Piecing Pattern
This would make a good project for the winter months. Plan ahead.