Friday, January 31, 2020

Prints for Dark Souls: Cogito Prints

Andy Bauman is making prints for dark souls that that like a little color in their life.  These prints aren't gloomy in the slightest even though the subject matter might be a bit dark for some. Not us. We relish the dark. The shop is Cogito Prints.

Devil's Month Print
Smushed Jack O'Lantern
Danse Macabre
Samhain Bonfire
Skeleton Love
Skull and Window
Isn't it wonderful that the dark side of life is so beautiful?

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fierce Pumpkins: The Bourbon Housewife

In the depths of winter it's hard to think about buying pumpkins, but really, we need to be adding to our Halloween collections all year long. We're not made of money after all, and you'll be so happy when October rolls around and you've got some new spooky pumpkins to display.

Heather Jimenez calls her shop The Bourbon Housewife (I might have to steal that moniker) and has some great clay pumpkins in it right now that are fairly fierce! They're fun and spooky all at the same time.

Cheeky Tongue Pumpkin
No Speak Pumpkin
Fang Pumpkin
Horned Jack O'Lantern
Scared Pumpkin
Stitched Pumpkin
These pumpkins are hollow so they don't weigh as much as you might think. They're also a scene-stealing size that will stand out in your Halloween display.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Modern Halloween Jewelry: B Strung

I really like the colorful enamel, glass bead, and ceramic Halloween jewelry found at B Strung. It's a step away from the heavy gothic look I'm usually attracted to and looks very light and modern. There is an entire section of Halloween jewelry in the shop, but we know we can wear it everyday.

Black Evil Eye Necklace
Black Sugar Skull Earrings
Day of the Dead Earrings
Spooky Ghoul Necklace
Wood Burned Skull Necklace
Floral Skull Earrings
There are nearly 100 unique pieces in the Halloween section! It was so hard to choose my favorites. Grab a cup of coffee and head over to the shop to see for yourself.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tiny Terrors Tuesday: Littlest Sweat Shoppe

Sara T. is making some miniatures accessories for ghoulish doll houses that I just love.  These are the kinds of details that make a Halloween doll house a haunting success. You know the ones; they make you pause and stare a little longer. The shop is Littlest Sweat Shoppe.

Miniature Jack-in-the-Box
Miniature Garlic Braid
Tiny Venus Fly Traps
Miniature Jar of Eyeballs
Poison Mushroom Terrarium
Miniature Voodoo Dolls
Miniature Freaky Pumpkins
Isn't it funny how just one tiny terror can move your ideas for your doll house in another direction? I have to stop changing my mind!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Goth Gifts: Me and Annabel Lee

Fellow spooky blogger and sorceress of goth goodies, Alexandra Walden, is someone you should be following. Besides giving great DIY advice on creating your own gothic goods, Walden has a shop where you can purchase her creations. Her blog Me and Annabel Lee has a section called "Dark Tablescapes" and if you're thinking of throwing a party, you'll want to see these. You'll find her shop on Etsy by visiting her blog. You'll want to stop there first. Here are some of my favorites.

Death and the Maiden Serving Tray
Antique Escutcheon Victorian Necklace
Skull King Etched Aperitif Glasses
Gothic Black Tea Cup Candle
Gothic Heart Shaped Box
Gothic Heart Shaped Box
By the way, have you checked in to other Halloween bloggers that belong to the Samhain Society? The links are on the right hand side of the page.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Paper Houses: Paper Pine Tree

I'm not sure that Jenny Ross set out to make spooky little paper houses, but that's how they turned out. Ross crafts all sorts of paper figures and buildings, but the rustic houses caught my eye. I think they'd look terrific grouped on a mantel. Her shop is Paper Pine Tree.

Haunted Halloween House
Little Forest House
Tiny Black Forest House in a Jar
Rustic Halloween Village
Spooky Halloween House
Little Forest Houses

You're inspired now, aren't you? 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dark Folk Art Paintings & Prints: Glasseyes Art

Catherine Hannah Joan is a painter of dark folk art. Her haunting images of lost souls and abandoned houses will give you a chill. Original paintings as well as prints and cards are available in her shop Glasseyes Art.

Seance Original Acrylic Painting
Wicker Man May Day Poster
Ghost House Original Gouache Painting
Greeting Card of M.R. James story "Stalls of Barchester"
Hand-painted Spirit Hand Ornament
Comet Original Painting
Betsy Bell & Mary Grey Art Print
There is a sense of loneliness and mystery in these pieces that I'm drawn toward.  See more pieces in her shop to get a full sense of what I mean.