Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Valentine Sentiments from Your Bloody Heart

Valentines Day will be here in just a few short weeks and I hate to pass up on an opportunity to have a little twisted fun. I'm sure you must know someone who would appreciate one of these sweet sentiments from your bloody, cold heart.

Skulls & Kisses Valentine Gift from DemBones
Spooky Valentines Day Matches from HereForeverMore
Bat Valentines Day Card from Isabelle Mouton
Friendly Valentine Skeleton Embroidered Patch from FeverDreamBoutique
My Spooky Valentine Button from SpookyBoutique
Eternal Sweet Reaper Enamel Pin from SabreToothDream
I need handfuls of all of these items to hand out on Valentines Day! Let the ordering begin. Don't be left out this year. Sometimes you have to go after what you want.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Whimspookal Illustrations

Maja Lindberg started out in ceramics and eventually found her niche as an illustrator. Her palette is soft and her images are dreamy, and occasionally, a bit of spookiness creeps in. Those of course are my favorite illustrations. Her shop is called Majali Design and Illustration.

The Magician and His Crows
The Babysitter
Under the Cherry Tree: Winter
Little Red Riding Hood
Three Grumpy Owls
I like Lindberg's dreamlike world. You should know that she has written and illustrated a few children's books. Check out her website for more information about those.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Darling, Black Glass Beads to Wear to a Funeral

I hate when I find that I haven't a proper thing to wear when attending a funeral or perhaps just mourning for someone or something. I really need to have a few items on hand that are ready to go for such occasions and recently I've felt the need for some black glass beads to wear round my neck or maybe a brooch for my jacket. I like glass beads because they have a nice weight to them and they hang really well.

I'm thinking you might also want something for a proper mourning so, let me show you what I've found. You can usually find some fairly inexpensive vintage pieces.

Vintage Black Glass Drop Necklace from DuplexLA
Repurposed Black Glass Buttons and Beads Necklace from roundtwojewelry
Black Cat Glass Cameo Necklace from WhispertotheMoon
French Jet Black Glass Tassel Brooch from GemmaRedmondVintage
Vintage Black Glass Bouquet Brooch from boogiebee
Vintage Black Glass Bead Collar from dpalma10
Vintage Black Glass Mourning Necklace from toforema0
Don't wait to long to order. Some of these items are on eBay and you'll be sad you missed out on top of being sad because you're mourning someone or something...

Friday, January 26, 2018

Decadent Jewels To Sink Your Teeth Into

I don't usually wear gold jewelry, but I might make an exception for these pieces by Opal Magic Studio. Margaret Mosquera says she is inspired by the "bizarre, mysterious, weird and unusual things in nature."  I imagine her pieces are worn by the vampire queens of the world. They're stunning and if it takes me becoming a vampire to wear gold, well, let me tilt my head a little to the left.

Vampire Necklace
Snake Pendant with White Opal
Cicada Pendant and Earring Set
Snake Earrings
Dragon Necklace
Octopus with Pearls Necklace
Of course, vampires wear gold jewelry to remind them of the sun, but you knew that.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Joyfully, Creepy Mictlanis

I love art that grows out of the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. It's always so joyful even when it's being creepy. Angélica García Mendoza is a plastics artist who also creates paper maché spookiness that has a similar gleeful style. Her line of Mictlanis (little monsters) are super cute. The shop is called Arte Topalli Tienda.

Creepy Monster Killer
Happy Devil
Pumpkin Monster
Bat Cat
Little Monster
Blue Vampire
García has other paper maché and wood art in her shop that you might enjoy. Shop away!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dark, Ethereal Art Dolls

Athena Papouli muses that her dolls are "feelings, ideas, that is why the figures are elongated, airy, like smoke, or with skirts like clouds, weightless." Her art dolls represent some of those dark, scary feelings inside us all. I'm bewitched by them. Her shop is Madamoiselles Bleues.

The Cocoon Breaking
Virginia the Ghost
Maura the Psychopomp
Rhea the Forest Spirit
Damien the Stray Cat
Papouli's sculptures are what I hope I'll look like as a ghost.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Stuff of the Dead

Every once in awhile I step away from artist created works and just want some good old spooky mass-produced stuff. I like to sprinkle tchotchkes amongst the art. One of the stores I like to browse through is Stuff of the Dead. They stock everything from clothing to household items. This is what I'm eyeing.

Mystic Eye Ouija Boots
Ouija Board Pillow Case
Grim Reaper Varsity Jacket
Bat Mary Janes
Voodoo Papa Legba Stretched Canvas Print
Frankenstein High Tops

Jack-O-Lantern Watch

You should always mix your highbrow with a bit of lowbrow.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Samhain Society

I'd like to introduce you to a growing group of Halloween bloggers called The Samhain Society. The society began last summer when a few Halloween bloggers started talking about the need to learn, support, and raise the visibility of spooky bloggers. The group was founded by Miranda Enzor of  Spooky Little Halloween. Miranda is one of the hardest working bloggers I know. I really don't know how she gets it all done, and if you haven't visited her blog, well, I won't be insulted if you jump over there to check it out.

The society has grown to 18 members and includes written and video bloggers. All of us create Halloween-themed blogs year round. I almost hate to call them "Halloween" themed because many of the blogs go far beyond celebrating that one special night.

I hope that you'll take some time today or this week to check out all of our member blogs. You'll find the permanent links on the right hand side of this blog for easy access anytime, but I'm guessing that they'll soon be permanent bookmarks for you.

Here's a list of our member blogs:

All Hallows Haunts

All Hallows Geeks

A Vintage Halloween

Batty Wampus

Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Midnight Spookshow

Mr. & Mrs. Halloween

Odd Things I've Seen

Shivers of Delight (That's me!)

Spirits and Spellbooks

Spooky Little Halloween

The Haunted Housewife

The Midnight Jamboree

The Necro Nomnomnomicon

The Spooky Vegan

Things To Do In Salem

This is a "by invitation" group of bloggers, but if you're a spooky blogger and would like to be a member search for The Samhain Society on Facebook and ask to join!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Understated Dark Jewelry for Everyday

Sometimes you don't want all the bling, but you still want to honor your dark side. Most of the jewelry I show on Shivers is bold and not for everyone. I'm always on the look out for quieter pieces that I can wear to work and won't scream "WITCH!" or "crazy."

Some of us work in more conservative offices and that's why I love the jewelry that Michelle Chang is creating. It's elegant and understated. For years I wore her tiny skull ring on my pinkie until it slipped off one day while I was shopping. I still miss it and am thinking of purchasing a new one. Come shopping with me! (pieces are much, much tinier that they appear)

Mini Mismatched Snake Stud Earrings
Crescent Moon with Five Diamonds Necklace
Baby Skull Ring
Baby Skull Bangle
Bat Necklace
Tiny Spider Dangle Necklace
Baby Skull Eternity Ring
Most of Chang's pieces come in stirling silver and 14K gold. You can also get most of them with or without diamonds. She offers many more pieces so take a look in the shop. I can vouch that the quality is very good and you'll want to wear her pieces on a daily basis.