Friday, November 30, 2018

Armenian Burning Papers & Perfume

I'm intrigued by the the shop Nightshade and Company. They offer a variety of perfumes, creams, mists, and most interesting something called Armenian burning papers. The papers have been used for centuries (according to Wikipedia) and are infused with perfumed oils. You burn the paper to release a scent in the room. Sounds frightfully dramatic and wonderful!  The shop divides their scents into categories such as The Abandoned House, The Cemetery, The Dark Carnival, etc. You need to check it out.

Last Rites Armenian Burning Papers
The Woman in White Fragrance Oil
Tattered Silk Cream Perfume
Head Case Dry Shampoo
Fog and Mist Armenian Burning Papers
The Gravedigger's Daughter Roll-on Perfume
I must try some of the Armenian burning papers. I'm fascinated.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Small Shop for Spooks

Accessories are what define us spooks to the spook-less around us. We may not be able to dress in black capes everyday, but we can certainly wear a pin or carry a bag to identify us and bond with other spooks. Verona Black is a little shop that can supply you with creepy pins and purses to light you up like a beacon of bewitchment.

Death's Head Pouch
Moon Phase Bat Pin
Leather Bat Purse
Sleep Hollow Stamp Necklace
Canvas Tombstone Bag
Skull Black Quartz Necklace
I try to wear a little piece of spooky every day to signal to people that I might just put a curse on them. Try it!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Mystical Adornments

The pieces from Mist Metal and Stone are charged with energy. Just looking at them causes me to go quiet. I almost feel I should kneel- I said almost. These mystical adornments don't need fancy jewels to catch your eye; they reach for your mind.

Grave Moss Pendant
Tooth (resin) Ring
Wand Pendant
Pentagram Pendant
Bind Inspiration Rune Pendant
Bind Financial Security Rune Pendant
Many of the pieces in the shop are made from tiny twigs that are electroplated with copper. I think they're beautiful.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Morbid Decor & Sundry Items

I enjoyed reading Le Giew's profile in his Etsy shop, and if you have a moment, it's worth checking out. Written with a wink, he describes his training in "aesthetic arrangement" and his "sundry creative enterprises." Le Giew's art tends toward the morbid, but then, that's why we're here, and as he so well puts it "power is imbued by belief." The shop is The Unusual Cabinet.

Creep Box No. 1 Assemblage
Misrepresentation of History
Halloween 1963
Skin of Pumpkin 2017
Bayview Cemetery Dirt from Gaudette
Inner Beauty Assemblage
There are so many more wonderful items in the shop. Take a look for yourself.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Whimspookal Art for Your Lair

Crystal Cox is creating a whimspookal world of dolls, pins, and prints. Cox's dolls look like they'd fit right in on the island of misfit toys. Yep, they're that cute. She also has some creepy-cute pins that would make good stocking stuffers. Can anyone have too many pins? I think, though, that it's her watercolor prints where you really get a glimpse of the world inside her head.  She offers them all to you at Spookshow Babe Designs.

Creep Monster Dolls
Black Phillip and Baphomet Dolls
Halloween Kitty Pins
Cox's watercolors give me the shivers. Love them!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have just a short post today. Over the years, I've come to realize that finding spooky things to post about on Thanksgiving is difficult! The best I could come up with this year is in honor of the preferred bird of sacrifice for most living in the United States- the turkey. Specifically, turkey feet.

Turkey Foot Belt Buckle from ErikJewelers
Turkey Foot Necklace from CathysCreationsPlus
Silver Plated Turkey Foot Spoon from EdinCo

Turkey Leg Paperweight from 3D Printed Skull
Happy Thanksgiving, and don't eat too much.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Candles to Light the Darkness

Tis the season of candles! I usually go to bed so early that in the summer it's never dark. I can finally light candles before bed and enjoy the glow. Rob and Tracy Reysen have a shop of spooky candles that warm my heart. It's called Grave Digger Candles. How fabulous is that?

Gothic Coffin Candle
Black Pumpkin Candle
Ouija Planchette Candle
Cauldron Candle
Black Heart Candles
Krampus Bell Candle
The Krampus Bell is awesome! Order quickly to arrive by December 5th.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Warm Knits for Your Cold Bones

The temperature here in New England is about to drop quickly. The prediction is for 9 degrees Thanksgiving night! I haven't even pulled out my scarves and mittens yet, so my thoughts immediately turned to warm knits with skulls. Ning Ning Gong is crocheting up a winter storm's worth of warm attire.

Pom-pom Slouch Hat with Skulls
Skull & Cross Bones Headband
Unisex Beanie Hat with Skull and Cross Bones

Skull Boot Cuffs
Fingerless Skull Gloves
Skull Arm Warmers
These are so cute! There are more styles in her shop. You're going to want one of each.