Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Herman Munster & UFOs: My Spooky Agenda

It's kind of quiet this week in spooky town. It might just be the perfect time to start lurking around the stores to see if they've brought out the Halloween decorations.

Wednesday the 30th

Thursday the 1st
Friday the 2nd

Monday, June 28, 2021

Summerween with Audrey II

You can't help but think of pretty little potted plants when you think of summer. Spooky people always have the most interesting gardens with poisonous plants and black flowers, so it's not unreasonable to have a Venus Flytrap reminiscent of Audrey II in Little Shop of Horrors. I'm thinking of getting one and tucking it in with the rest of my potted flowers.

Three Headed Venus Flytrap from Warped Holiday

Baby Audrey II from Pabloona Designs

Audrey II Coffee Can Sculpture from Fancy Fruits

Audrey II Figurine from Curiosities by Thomas

Miniature Venus Flytraps from Fairy Homes and Garden

Mushnik's Flower Shop Key Ring from Hungry Designs

Little Shop of Horrors Signed Print from Chet Art

Maybe I'll even get a real Venus Flytrap and name it Audrey III. And, if you haven't seen the movie, pick it up this week. It's fun.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Lottery Short Story, A Fairy Festival, & Dark Shadows: All This Week!

Make sure you grab a copy of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson before Sunday because that is the date that the events take place in the story and you'll want to find a spooky nook to read it in. Did you know about the Romanian Fairy Festival? I didn't- read about it at the link. Try to pick at least one event on the list to learn something new. #EveryDayIsHalloween.

Wednesday the 23rd

Thursday the 24th
Friday the 25th
  • (1937) Colin Clive Death Anniversary (Actor in 1931 Frankenstein film)
  • (1976) The Omen U.S. movie release
Saturday the 26th
Sunday the 27th
  • (1966) First episode of Dark Shadows airs on ABC
  • The fictional events of The Lottery by Shirley Jackson take place
Monday the 28th
Wednesday the 30th

Monday, June 21, 2021

Conjoined Twins: Macabre Mix Monday

Conjoined-twins art fascinates me- sorry, can't help it. Conjoined twins are not ugly or disturbing to me, just an example of how the rules of nature can be unexpected, complex, mysterious, and often beautiful. I hope you'll agree that all these art pieces are whimspookal.

Conjoined Bat Doll from CreepyStuff

Conjoined Twins from Lina Mart Dolls

Conjoined Wednesday Addams Portrait by Akvarela

Conjoined Skeletons Leather Art from Creature Of God

Mütter Bat Enamel Pin from Riven Barrow Glass

The oddest among us are often the most interesting.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Celebrate Ghosts This Week: My Spooky Agenda

There are so many reasons to celebrate ghosts this week. Did you know that one dark and stormy night Lord Bryon proposed to his friends that they have a ghost story writing contest? Follow the link to read what happened. Honor Walter de la Mare by reading one of his ghost stories and next Wednesday celebrate the Summer Solstice and St. John's Eve where tradition says that witches and ghosts walk about and bonfires are lit to ward them off. Plus you can shop at markets and shop updates offering curiosities and Halloween art- maybe you'll find a little ghost to mark the week.

Wednesday the 16th

Friday the 18th
Saturday the 19th
Sunday the 20th
  • (1975) Jaws movie release date
  • Suz Davis Halloween Art Etsy shop update at 8pm EDT
Monday the 21st
  • Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere
Tuesday the 22nd
Wednesday the 23rd

Monday, June 14, 2021

Marie Laveau: Macabre Mix Monday

I hope you've been following my weekly spooky agenda that I post every Wednesday. I've been collecting spooky days for a few years now and have finally been sharing them out more regularly. 

About a day after I posted last Wednesday, I suddenly realized I forgotten to list Marie Laveau's death anniversary! Unbelievable. Laveau's birthday may be hard to document, but her death date is more widely known. Her New York Times obituary says she lived to be 98 years old and died on June 15th, 1881 (they make you do some finger counting). Wikipedia says she was 79 years old, but agrees with June 15th. You should read both articles, because she was a fascinating woman.

To make up for my transgression, Macabre Mix Monday is dedicated to the Queen of Voodoo.


Wednesday, June 9, 2021

7 Ways to Celebrate the Spooky this Week!

This week light some candles for people who nurtured our spooky side, listen to some horror-themed pop music, shop for pottery, watch a movie and attend a paranormal investigation! Maybe we can have it all year long.

Wednesday the 9th

Thursday the 10th
  • Bridget Bishop is the first person hanged for witchcraft in the Salem Witch Trials (1692)
Friday the 11th
Saturday the 12th
Tuesday the 15th
  • Lois Duncan Death Anniversary (2016) Pioneering author in the genre of young-adult fiction, horror
Wednesday the 16th
  • Screaming Lord Sutch Death Anniversary (1999) musician with horror-themed singles and founder of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party
Don't tell me that Halloween doesn't last all year. If you would like to plan a little further out, you can check my Ghoulish Days page. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Dracula: Macabre Mix Monday

Today, June 7th is the death anniversary of actor Christopher Lee who was well know for his portrayals of  Count Dracula, Lord Summerisle in the original Wicker Man movie, Saruman in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and many other sinister characters. In his honor, Macabre Mix Monday features Dracula inspired items.

I love this vinyl Dracula purse! Check out the shop for other spooky books available.

Dracula Clutch Purse from Tina Tarnoff

Everyone should own a poster from the Broadway show Dracula that was designed by Edward Gorey- he won a Tony award for the set design.
Edward Gorey Dracula Poster from What Cheer Providence

Large Bat Necklace from Dark Sparkle Designs

I think this Nosferatu lampshade should sit on a bedside table- maybe a copy of Dracula sitting with it.
Nosferatu Lampshade from Spooky Shades

Dracula Papercut from Tina Tarnoff

I just love the ceramic pieces from Ginny Waters Ceramics.
Emergency Garlic Jar from Ginny Waters Ceramics

Head to the shop to see what is inside this wallet. It's pretty awesome.
Nosferatu Leather Wallet from ZxBx

Ok, this is probably a stretch item for all of us, but we can dream.
VonErickson's Original Coffin Couch 

Start saving your money.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

What do Lizzie Borden and Ray Bradbury Have in Common?


This week I have lots of people you should learn more about; perhaps pick up a book about them or in the case of Ray Bradbury- written by him. 

Saturday the 5th

Sunday the 6th

  • Mary Johnson of Wethersfield, CT is hanged for witchcraft in Hartford, CT (1650)

Monday the 7th

  • Christopher Lee Death Anniversary (2015), actor known for his portrayal of Dracula among other evil villains

Wednesday the 9th

  • Adam West Death Anniversary (2017), actor know for portraying Batman in the tv series