Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday the 13th: Mini Halloween

Have you noticed that Friday the 13th, once a day that people feared, is now celebrated like a mini Halloween? Rather than invoking fear, I get excited about celebrating the dark whenever Friday the 13th rolls around. I know I'm not alone judging from all the gleeful social media posts surrounding the day. How awesome is it that lovers of Halloween get to celebrate the holiday several times a year?!

I think we need to make our mini Halloweens official, so I've put together a list of activities and a 13 song playlist to mark Mini Halloween. The playlist has luck themed songs that mostly deal with bad luck or sarcastic good luck except for "Thirteen" by Big Star which I just like -so there. (I did have a hard time choosing between Big Star's and Elliott Smith's version, but went with the original.)

The best part about this Mini Halloween is that there is a full moon tonight! So, in honor of this doubly spooky occasion I want to show you a selection of black cat and full moon t-shirts you can purchase as a souvenir. 

Black Cat Boo Moon T-shirt from eyeronicTs
Spooky Bat Cat and Moon Long Sleeve T-shirt from AmbersDesignCo 
Black Cat Spell T-shirt from Dogoholicshop
Sphynx Cat with Moons T-shirt
Magick Black Cat & Full Moon T-shirt from TheCaliCorner
Illumicati T-shirt from Rollus1
Black Cat and Full Moon Long Sleeve T-shirt from PinkRobotShirts
There you have it. Make sure you eat some fortune cookies today, pet a black cat, walk under a ladder, and dance in the moonlight. May darkness be with you.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Ceramic Halloween Jewelry: Animals MiMiMi

Nataliya Businka sculpts spooky little earrings and brooches that I think are so cute! Her pieces are made from polymer clay and then painted. They have the look of fine ceramics, but are very affordable. If you like something, order soon because Businka is in the Ukraine. Her shop is Animals MiMiMi.

Anatomical Heart Earrings
Black Skull Earrings
White Pumpkin Earrings
Orange Pumpkin Brooches
Ghost Brooch
Pink Brain Earrings
White Owl Earrings
Check out the shop for more colors and designs. You'll fall in love with these pieces.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Halloween Altered Art: Daffodil Lane Studio

Altered art is the process of combining bits of this and that and creating something entirely new. I have a fondness for Halloween altered art because I love thinking about other ways to use the things I already have in my house. I save old tins and jars (that sit around forever) until I finally figure out what to use them for. So, I greatly admire the people who actually sit down and create something from nothing.

C. Kay is one of those artists. She combines bits of vintage items to create fun and whimspookal Halloween decorations. Her shop is Daffodil Lane Studio.

Halloween Siamese Cat
Vintage Trick or Treat Baby Doll
Pipe Cleaner Devil on Cat Box
Skeleton Dancer
Black Cat on Pumpkin
Halloween Kewpie Doll
After seeing these, I'm going to want to throw away even fewer things! Oh, dear.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Halloween Gothic: Shelley Cooper Jewelry

I add a new piece of jewelry to my Halloween collection every year. I like to choose pieces that aren't too macabre because I'll be wearing them to work in an office setting after all.  I want to look mysterious rather than maniacal- no need to get HR involved. Shelley Cooper has some elegant, gothic brooches that I'm looking at right now. They'll look lovely on a jacket.

Black Raven Brooch
Bat Brooch
Skull Brooch
Spider Brooch
Square Skull Brooch
Victorian Hand Brooch
There are also necklace, bracelets, and earrings in this shop- hundreds in fact! Not all of the pieces are spooky, but they're all beautiful.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Creepy Paper Goods: The CraftyBurrEato

Em Eato describes herself as "a little bit quirky, a little bit macabre." She might be my British sister. In her quirky-named shop, The CraftyBurrEato, you'll find all the creepy cards, wrapping paper, and decorative items that you'll need this season. I love it all.

Seasons Creepings Banner
Strange and Unusual Plaque
Together Forever Skeleton Card
Batty Gift Wrap
I Love You To The Tomb & Back Card
Twist the Bones and Bend the Back Print

This shop is full of creepy items. I'm in love with the banners.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Spooky Miniature Dioramas: Sophisticated Glitz

We  have just a few more Fridays of miniatures for Halloween. I hope you've been able to create a tiny setting of your own. I'm still working on my Edward Gorey inspired room so I realize the time it takes to set everything aside and focus.  Susan Urena has put together some miniature Halloween dioramas that might be a last minute inspiration for you. I'd like to recreate these life-size for our house! Her shop is Sophisticated Glitz. Urena also has some pretty cool collage pieces, so make sure you check out her shop.

Altered Spool Skull Table
Miniature Halloween Chest
Miniature Peculiar Skeleton Chest
Miniature Witch's Cupboard
Card Playing Skeletons
Miniature Skeleton Diorama
I love these! There is so much to look at in each piece. They really set my mind to dreaming. Don't forget about the Shivers of Delight Miniature Haunted Room Challenge!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Halloween Pop-up Cards: i Gifts & Cards

Last year, I sent Halloween cards instead of New Year's cards. I really don't know why I waited so long to do it! This year plans are underway for my Halloween card, but if you're looking for a Halloween card to send to a very special person, you should look at the offerings from i Gifts and Cards. Their Halloween cards are fantastic.

Creepy Haunted Mansion Pop-up Card
Black Cat and Spooky Tree Halloween Card
Trick or Treat Pop-up Card
Wicked Witch Halloween Card
Black Cat Magic Card
Pirate Ship Pop-up Card
I love that these are cards you keep forever. I hate spending money on cards that will be thrown away almost immediately. Creative cards are worth every penny.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Halloween Ornaments: The Hole Under The Porch

Pumpkins! Ugly, mean, and a bit goofy, pumpkins to be exact. That's what I like about the Halloween ornaments from The Hole Under the Porch. The clay figures live in wooden coffin frames that can be hung on the wall, in the window, or on a dead branch.

Halloween Pumpkin Ornament
Jack O'Lantern Ornament
Little Bat Ornament
Halloween Pumpkin Magnet
Pumpkin in a Coffin
Halloween Cat Magnet
Prices for these ornaments and magnets range from $30 to $20. Very affordable pieces to add to you collection!