Friday, February 28, 2020

Spooky Fun T-shirts: Pyknic

I first saw these t-shirts at the fabulous shop Die With Your Boots On in Salem, MA and instantly fell in love with them.  I bought one for my husband about tacos in hell. They just make me laugh! Their shop on Etsy also has patches and mugs and it's all so fun I want to share them with you. The shop is Pyknic Official.

Donut Kill My Vibe T-shirt
Hope They Serve Tacos in Hell T-shirt
Morning Ritual Patch
Morning Glory Button Up Shirt
Rollin' Deep Sushi Tank Top
Count Blessings Not Calories T-shirt
Free Guac or Die T-shirt
If you're spooky and like to eat, well, these t-shirts are made for you.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Fantastic Dreams: Pantovola

Anouk Pantovola is creating dreamlike images and dolls that will make you think of a spookier Marc Chagall. Pantovola's pieces aren't frightening, but they do evoke the underworld. I like her art dolls as much as her prints. See for yourself at Pantovola.

Ghost Wedding Print
The Witches are Coming Print
Wolf Witch Sculpture
The Ghost House Glicée Print
Isobel with Moon Art Doll
Joan of Arc Shadow Box
Murdered Green Lady Print

Looking at these makes me want to go back to bed to explore what's inside my dreams.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Haunting Images: Wallflower Ghost

Katie Palmer describes her work as hints of a haunting dream. I was immediately drawn to their dream-like quality and of course the ghosts. I'm always drawn to the ghosts. Palmer paints her way to my heart. Her shop is Wallflower Ghost.

Moth Eyed Girl, Original Painting
Ghost and Pink Land
Third Eye Velvet Choker
Transparent Ghost No. 2
The Haunting
Die Cut Sticker
Float over to this shop and walk away with your own little ghost.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tiny Terrors Tuesday

Spooky miniatures are the perfect solution when you can't decorate your own home in the gothic style you prefer. We can't all live in castles after all. Tiny Terrors Tuesdays are all about introducing you to some miniature artists that have a preference for Halloween. The tiny dolls at Xavian Miniatures are what caught my eye. Suzanne van den Nouweland is the shop owner.

Miniature Skeleton Doll
Grim Reaper Dolls
Miniature Venice Mask
Miniature Dr. Frankenstein Lab
Miniature Cauldron with Bones and Eyes
Miniature Gas Mask
Miniature Skeleton Doll
This is a fun shop to poke around in. Head over there today.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Macabre Mix Monday

If you're new to Shivers of Delight, let me welcome you to Macabre Mix Monday where I show you pieces from a variety of different artists. In most posts, I feature one artist, but sometime I find great shops that don't have enough spooky items for a full post. Macabre Mix Monday is my way of making sure you don't miss a thing.

Needle Felted Bat from NS Timeless
Halloween Paper Cut from Pretty Paper Petal
Art Doll Witch from Nata Doll Art
The Angry Trick or Treater Taxidermy from Connie Munster
Needle Felted Bat from Misha2Smile
Needle Felted Devil Mouse from Happy Mouses
Mermaid Siamese Twins Art Doll from PotteryCase
Heart Silver Hand Ring with Red Garnet from Petite Bien
Sparkle Spider Tights from emteesee
There you have it. Go find your perfect piece.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Sensational Costume Headpieces: Jezebel's Fascination

It is never too early to start thinking about a Halloween costume. And, quite frankly, with the number of year-round costume balls these days you need to be prepared to look sensational at a moment's notice. The costume headpieces at Jezebel's Fascination are jaw-dropping. You'll want at least three of these. Seriously, you can display these on a skull in your home.

Voodoo Red Skull Headpiece
Catrina Day of the Dead Floppy Brown Hat
Jester Headdress Red & Black
Alligator Swamp Monster Headpiece
Black & White Striped Top Hat
Silver Crown
Autumn Leaf Fascinator
There are over 100 headpieces in the shop to ogle- perfect for a Friday afternoon task.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Paper Fantasies: Paper Moon Palace

I've always had a fondness for paper art- combine it with skeletons and I'm head over heels in love. Mandi Bitlee joins found objects with paper for spooky results. I love these little dioramas! The shop is Paper Moon Palace.

Spooky Apothecary Wooden Coffin
Jack Adorned Matchbox
Little Paper Cottage Nightlight
Apothecary Skeletons
The Queen of the Fortune Tellers Tin Diorama
Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Hutch
Visit Paper Moon Palace for more paper fantasies.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dark Garden : Defy Jewelry

I have to say this has been the mildest winter at our home since we moved here 15 years ago. I'm a bit worried that my garden is going to start coming to life only to be cut down by a late winter storm. Maybe that's why Kittisak Teatasin's gothic jewelry caught my eye. Her Dark Garden collection is filled with beautiful blossoms and skulls; reminding us that beauty is fleeting. In addition to the Dark Garden collection, you'll find Skull and Diamonds and Graphic Skull collections. The shop is Defy Jewelry.

Small Skull Flower Necklace
Skull Flower Ring
Skull Flower Necklace
Skull Branch Necklace
Small Skull and Crystal Necklace
Skull Bracelet
There are hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of beautiful, dark jewelry pieces in this shop. Take a look.