Friday, September 29, 2017

Masks To Treasure

I'd like to introduce you to two shops that make artful masks. When an unexpected Halloween party invitation arrives, you'll always be ready if you have a stunning mask.

Libertini Arts sells leather masks made by Annie Libertini. Her masks have been featured on several tv shows including Once Upon A Time and Z Nation. They're spooky and beautiful all at the same time. I'm smitten with the doll mask.

Cracked Doll Leather Mask
Sugar Skull Leather Mask
Barn Owl Leather Mask
Edyn Rashae Studios is a family business that sculpts masks from clay and then makes a silicone mold which is hand painted. They also offer foam replicas of the masks which can be used for decoration. These masks have a hand-carved, vintage look that I really like.

Witch Mask
Pumpkin Paper Maché Inspired Mask
American Horror Story Inspired Clown Mask
I really need to start adding more masks to my Halloween art collection. They would look amazing as a group on a wall. If you have a mask collection let me know about it!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Leather Monster Accessories

I'm sure you have your Halloween wardrobe in order by now, but you can always use one more thing, right?  Pippen's leather monsters are born from the bedtime stories she used to tell her sons about Wildwyck Woods and the creatures that lived there. Several grandchildren and even a great-grandchild later Pippen went back to the stories and started bringing the creatures to reality. Her line now includes purses, wallets, books, flasks, and more- and it's all fun. The shop is called Pippenwycks.

Monster Harry Messenger Bag
Beholder Monster Wooden Box
Zippered Coin Purse
Dragon Portrait
Monster Flask
Necronomicon Wallet
If you're a Monster Scout (read about them here) you're going to need several of these items. The shop has hundreds of monsters to make your selection difficult. Etsy has a special going on right now and if you spend at least $25 by Friday you'll get $15 back in credit to spend somewhere else. Show now.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hand-Carved Halloween

I have some sublime Halloween art for you today. Anthony Costanza is a wood carver who turns pieces of cedar and oak into magic. If you are a collector of folk art or Halloween art you may  already be familiar with his work. You're going to have to dip into your savings for these pieces, but it will be well worth it. Costanza sells his pieces from his website and adds new ones as others sell. Photos of the sold pieces stay up so you can envy the buyer. These pieces are all currently available.

Nastie Nellie
Juggling JOLs
Ghostly Ghoul
Mrs. Frankenstein and Swoon
Headless Horseman
I See A Spider, Says Mrs. Fly
Oh my gosh. I would give up my first child for one of these pieces (if I ever have a child.) Please have a look around Costanza's galleries. You'll understand why you became a collector.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wonderfully Weird Art Dolls

"N" describes her dolls as strange and unusual. I think that her dolls represent the weirdness in all of us.  That's why I love odd, art dolls so much. They're a hint of what is beyond a person's physical exterior and a view into their soul.

Forever Autumn Dolls is the place to find a mirror of yourself. I hope it's not too dark.

Six-Eyed Oriental Style Doll
Gothic Vampire Demon Doll
Button-Eyed Head Ornament
Strange Gypsy Art Doll
Gothic Horror Art Doll
Creepy Lady in Black
The Creeper and the Sleeper Diorama
Dolls with an unusual number of eyes always attract me. Hmmmm, maybe I'm blind?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Colorful Halloween Ceramics

It's that time of year when Halloween artists start loading their shops with the most delightful, spooky art. Sharon Bloom works in ceramics, beading, and illustration and her shop is loaded with bright, colorful pieces. I don't see a lot of Halloween ceramic art that I like as much as Bloom's pieces. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Halloween Black Cat Tray
Haunted House Ceramic Bowl
Black Cat Familiars Basket
Halloween Tuxedo Cat
Mini Ceramic Haunted Houses
Retro Pumpkin Plate
As several of the major Halloween art shows finish up, we may see more items show up online. Never fear, I will be cruising the shops for you and keeping you updated.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Cute + Deadly World

A month or so ago, my husband and I spent a few days in Burlington, VT. One of many highlights of the trip was a visit to the Burlington Farmers' Market which is one of the best, I think. While we were there, we stopped at a booth that had the most adorable spooky art for sale. Martha Hull describes what she does as making "cute + deadly art, and writes cute + deadly picture books." Hull's work will bring a smile to your face. I left with a print of "You Are My Sunshine."

Devil Cat
Reaper Cat
My Heart Belongs to You
Bloom Where You're Planted
Untimely Death Alphabet Book
Death's Daughter and the Basket of Kittens Book

The Untimely Death Alphabet is really clever and it's calling to me. Clink on the link to see the drawings that look like letters. Hull insists this is not a learning tool "unless you're getting your PhD in Evil."


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Goth: Clothing The Dead At Heart

We're a few weeks away from October, so I hope you've been working on your Spooky Wardrobe. October is the only time when you can wear that skirt with witches and reasonably hope to pass as an adult. I take full advantage of October and wear my spooky clothing and jewelry to work every day. Granted, I don't go full-blown Halloween, but you'll always see me wearing at least one item that says "scary."

In case your wardrobe needs a boost, I offer a peek at Good Goth. The shop carries everything from Steampunk to Graveyard Goth with Retro Rockabilly in between. Wear something they offer to work if you feel a little daring.

My Midnight Garden Gothic Lolita Skirt
Batty Swing Skirt
Cemetery Gates Dress
Skull and Roses Dress
Spineless Backpack
Spider Web Coffin Purse
Velvet Bat Mary Janes

I've chosen to show a few of the more classic pieces, but if you work in a bar you'll find more revealing clothing here too. If you want to see the wardrobe I put together last October, check out the post My Halloween Wardrobe modeled by Endora.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Playful Illustrations For The Spook Inclined

Illustrator Annie Lunsford has branched out to some fun drawings and t-shirts I thought you might enjoy. These may not make you shiver with fear, but they will make your dark side giggle. Her shop is called Laughing Moon Artworks.

Pocket Monster T-shirt
Scary Critters and Squirrel Boy Print
Fanged Creature Print
Wolfman Print
The Night Avenger
Two Laser Cats
These would be great for the bedroom of any spooky child. You know they're out there.