Thursday, September 28, 2017

Leather Monster Accessories

I'm sure you have your Halloween wardrobe in order by now, but you can always use one more thing, right?  Pippen's leather monsters are born from the bedtime stories she used to tell her sons about Wildwyck Woods and the creatures that lived there. Several grandchildren and even a great-grandchild later Pippen went back to the stories and started bringing the creatures to reality. Her line now includes purses, wallets, books, flasks, and more- and it's all fun. The shop is called Pippenwycks.

Monster Harry Messenger Bag
Beholder Monster Wooden Box
Zippered Coin Purse
Dragon Portrait
Monster Flask
Necronomicon Wallet
If you're a Monster Scout (read about them here) you're going to need several of these items. The shop has hundreds of monsters to make your selection difficult. Etsy has a special going on right now and if you spend at least $25 by Friday you'll get $15 back in credit to spend somewhere else. Show now.

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