Friday, September 23, 2016


What do you get when you combine Victorian style with Burlesque? Answer: some adorable corsets from Emerald Angel Designs. Designer Maria Flynn creates and sews a trousseau worth of sexy, wicked clothing. Wicked in the best sense, of course. If you're a lady, you know there is nothing like a corset to make you feel glamorous.

Horror Movie Undercuts Corset
Bats Gothic Corset
Gothic Skeleton Cameo Undercuts Corset
Lace Skeleton Corset
Haunted Forest Corset
Zombie Girl Pin Up Corset
This is only a tiny bit of what is offered in this fantastic shop. You could also shop for skirts, dresses, hats, purses and even baby and cat clothing. Really! I'll leave you with this.

Cat Clown Hat Costume
Good kitty.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

For the Lover of Spooky Books

If you love to read spooky books, I think you'll enjoy the offerings from LiteratiClub. The shop puts text from books onto scarves, umbrellas, and totes.  Currently the titles they offer are Dracula, Frankenstein, Dorian Gray, and The Raven. Any of their items would fit perfectly into my Halloween wardrobe.

Dracula Book Scarf
The Raven Umbrella
Frankenstein Book Scarf
The Raven Book Bag
Alice in Wonderland Umbrella

The scarves would look great draped across the top of a window or thrown on the back of a chair. That Raven umbrella is to die for, don't you think?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Primitive Halloween from The Cre8or's Touch

The artist behind The Cre8or's Touch I think may be a bit shy. He has several web presences, but doesn't actually list his name anywhere. He is a man of mystery. Because he creates Halloween art I think that's just fine. The sculptures he creates are made to look like they've been handed down through the family. Vintage fabrics are used, paint is worn in spots, and the Halloween figures are kid-friendly.

I have one of The Cre8or's Touch pieces in my collection which I love. It's a small hand-carved jointed devil. He sits year-round on a shelf.  I love to pick him up and make him dance.

You can find The Cre8or's Touch on Etsy, Ebay and a few other sites. I'm displaying items from the Etsy shop today.

Jointed Primitive Pumpkin 
Vintage-Style Halloween Lantern
Skeleton Lantern
Witches of Macbeth Sculpture
Halloween Cat Candy Container
Puss N' Boots Halloween
Posable Witch Doll
The shop is full of wonderful items right now. I hope you get there before I take out my credit card.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Seabrook and Zombies

William Seabrook (1884 - 1945) died on September 20th. That's 71 years ago today for those of you who hate math. Why do we care? Seabrook is remembered as one of the original wild and crazy guys. He was an occultist who loved to travel and explore distant cultures. That's greatly condensed by the way.

He wrote 11 books that are based on his travels around the world. One was based on the time he had himself committed to a mental institution for alcoholism- Asylum, which critics said he wrote as if he were traveling to just another remote culture. 1n 1940 he wrote Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today.

It's his book Magic Island that brings me to today's post. In it he described his visit to Haiti, Haitian Vodou, and tells the world about zombies. Seabrook is recognized as bringing the concept of zombies to popular culture. See kids? That's how The Walking Dead was born.

Of course, then there was that time in West Africa when he ate human flesh so that he could better understand what it tasted like....

Today, we're combining those two ideas into one strange post: zombie edibles.

Marzipan Zombie Face Parts from AlexandrasCandyLab
Zombie Cookie Mold from Artesaocookiemolds
Zombie Cookies from Whoo's Bakery
Bloody Zombie Eyeball Lollipops from Sweetniks
Chocolate with Rice Krispie Treats Zombie Brain from Crazy Brain Chocolate
Hand Painted Zombie Cookies from Charlie's Cookies
Marzipan Zombie Fingers from AlexandraCandyLab
Zombie Lollipops from SmashCandies

If you can't stomach any zombie edibles, read up on William Seabrook today. Start with this article by Hugh Ryan. It's all very fascinating.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Pillow Talk

Last night, I finally started playing with my Halloween decor inside the house. I took the doors off of the display cabinet so everything was more visible and started strategically placing Halloween art around the house. I'm getting excited.

I realized in the midst of this that I needed some new pillow covers that reflect the Halloween season. I think UrbanElliot may be the right place to start my search.
Morticia Addams Quote
Halloween decor
Halloween Cafe
Halloween decor
Spider Web
Halloween Decor
Steampunk Ribs
Halloween Decor
Crown with Crown
Halloween Decor
Halloween Skeleton
The pillows are available in nine different colors. 

There are many other Halloween themed covers in the shop so look around for one that speaks to you.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Laser Cut Skeletons

Martin Tomsky is very talented. He creates magical scenes and jewelry of his own drawings from layers of laser cut plywood. While many of the pieces are quite intricate, there is something relaxing and meditative about looking at them. I'm sure many want to reach out and touch the artwork- I do.  You can find his work at the Tomsky Store.

The Closet

Common Rat
Spirit Animal- Cat

Alice in Wonderland Tome

Each piece must consume a great deal of time and patience. I imagine Tomsky's workshop to be something like that of Mr. Gepetto's from Pinnochio. I hope it's warm and cozy enough to take the chill out skeletons.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gothic Dolls from Dovile Doll Art

Gothic fairy tales are the stuff of my dreams and I adore the art dolls that Dovile is creating. Each doll is made entirely by hand - no sewing machines or molds. Her shop is called Dovile Doll Art and is filled with many characters you might find in a fairy tale. I'm featuring the darker sculptures, but you will find many joyful dolls as well. They're all delightful.

Wednesday Addams
Morticia Addams
Skary Doll Brooch
Gothic Doll Brooch
Halloween Art Doll
Macabre Art Doll Brooch

I have been watching this shop for sometime. The dolls are so beautifully crafted and I wanted to make sure there were enough dark sculptures to fit the theme of this blog. You would laugh to see how excited I was when I checked in yesterday and saw all of these spooky sculptures. The artist is located in Lithuania so order now for Halloween!