Thursday, August 25, 2016

Spoonflower Fabrics for Halloween

I'm doing things differently for Halloween this year. First, I'm not throwing a huge Halloween party so, this means I don't have to put together an elaborate costume. I do, however, plan on celebrating Halloween every day in October. I've decided this means that I need a Halloween wardrobe.

My Halloween wardrobe goal is to be able to wear something that evokes the spirit without screaming "I'm in a costume!" everyday.  I want my wicked wardrobe to be more subtle than that. I hope to have skirts with a skull at the hem or sweaters with an evil looking patch or an embroidered spider. I realize I'll be doing some sewing in the very near future.

Now, I'm on the lookout for some good Halloween fabrics. I don't want anything too cute or childish. I plan on sewing some detachable cuffs, collars, and peeking slips to supplement the clothes I already own. Good idea, right?

Spoonflower is a shop that sells custom designed fabrics.  (Finally she gets to the point of her post) You can choose to design your own fabric or purchase one already designed by someone better at these things. There are thousands of designs and you can choose to have them printed on a variety of different fabric types.

I searched on "Halloween."

Haunted House Damask by Sarah Walden
Halloween Witch Damask by Angela Stevens
Godzilla and Friends Toile by Christina Taylor
Black Cat Damask by Jenimp
Sugar Skulls by BohemianGypsyJane
Half a Brain by Janiece Senn
Skullflower Damask by Jeremiah Witting
Night Hunter Border by Jeremiah Witting
These are just a few of the more elegant designs, but there are hundreds of Halloween-themed designs.  You can even find cut-and-sew pillows, placemats, and plush toys. I'm getting excited about my Halloween wardrobe!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spooky Stash

It's time for another cleaning out of my Etsy favorites. These are items I adore by spooky artists, but their spooky stash just isn't large enough to feature as a solo post. Enjoy!

Miniature Hand Pendant: Dovile B Jewelry
Medusa Corbel: Cast Shadows
Troll Skin Monster Bag: Wayward Leather Designs
Mummie Antidote: Martinefa
Drawing Down the Moon Pendant: Project Om
Pumpkin Queen: Artfully Handcrafted
Blind Horned Mask: Hysteria Machine
Crocheted Skull Mask: Dewey Decimal Crafts

That feels better. My favorites bin is nice and tidy now. There are other items you'd probably like in these artists' shops as well, so explore. And, don't buy the things I was going to get.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ghostly Lights

I'm starting to notice the days getting shorter. It's dark when I get up in the morning and it's dark when I go to bed. At the height of summer, I never even see the dark! That got me thinking that it would be nice to have a ghost nightlight in the hall. I was surprised to find out there aren't that many available unless you consider the pac-man ghost. I'll be just as happy with a small ghost lamp.

Casper the Friendly Ghost (Ebay)
SPOKA Night Light (IKEA)
Smiski Glow in the Dark Figures (Urban Outfitters)
Vintage Ghost Light (Etsy)
Ready-to-Paint Ceramic Ghost (Etsy)
Hanging Ghost Lamp (Etsy)
And, in case the electricity goes out...

Tiny Ghost Candles (Etsy)

Now, there is no reason to be afraid of the dark.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Spooky Art Dolls from Myriam Powell

It's late August and it's high time we added some new pieces to our Halloween collections if we want them to arrive in time.  The art dolls from Myriam Powell caught my eye right away; they're whimsical and quirky and just right spooky. If you're a fan of Tim Burton, I think you'll appreciate Powell's sense Halloween. Her shop is called Myriam Powell Designs and you can find her on Facebook too.

Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead Cat
Goth Girl
Gothic Art Dolls
Halloween Skelly

There are hundreds of sculptures in Powell's Etsy shop. I especially like the Day of the Dead dolls. I have a feeling one will be joining my collection in the near future.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Stephanie Inagaki: Macabre Fineries

Some artists are blessed to be able to work in a number of mediums equally well, though, could that be considered a curse? How do you have a moment to yourself when you are jumping from one project to another? Stephanie Inagaki seems to have it all under control.  She describes herself as a metal torcher, wrangler of fabrics, charcoal pusher, and gypsy dancer.

From Inagaki's jewelry, to the headdresses, to the sculpture, to the fine art prints on t-shirts, I love it all.  It's a good thing it's Friday because you're going to want to take some time to explore Inagaki's website and her multiple shops including Miyu Decay on Etsy and her Threadless shop.

Here's a tiny sampling of what she is doing.

Mouth Studies- Crow
Yokai Series: Scimitar II
Exquisite Restraint: Skin
Stirling Silver Bat Skull Necklace
Charivari Ring
Feather Epaulettes
Loves Embrace (available on t-shirts)
Death Scarab (available on t-shirts)

Inagaki's work is amazing. It's hard to believe all these things are from one artist. I'm in awe.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Theeth Jewelry

Theeth Jewelry by Kimi Kaplowitz looks like it came from an ancient tomb. I like that. Kaplowitz's designs are earthly, powerful, and might even ward off an enemy if you needed that. Her work is original and I want some.

Currently, Kaplowitz sells her designs on Etsy, but it appears she is leaving her Etsy shop for Shopify (which to me, as a browsing shopper, is clunkier, but I'm sure she has her reasons.) At the moment you can purchase items on Etsy and on her website. It's all good.

Devil Ring
Scorpion and Moon Charm Necklace
Skull and Mushroom Necklace
Black Widow Drop Earrings
Sinister Charm Bracelet
Scorpion ID Bracelet
Little Skull Ring

Theeth Jewelry just screams earth magic. Did I mention how much I love it?

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Miss Mayhem Studios

Anyone who calls themselves Miss Mayhem is a friend of mine without ever meeting. (My husband likes to call me the Jor-nado)  Cait Zeller is the artist behind Miss Mayhem Studios and she is an illustrator and comic artist with more than a touch of the dark side. There is a very cheerful aura to her dark characters, however. Her use of bubblegum colors give the strong, don't-mess-with-me, female super hero a touch of playfulness. She sells her work on Etsy, of course.

Bad Witch
Ladies of the Dark
Mayhem Tarot Deck
Granddaughters of Witches Print and T-Shirt
Bowie Cat Enamel Pin
You can catch Zeller and her artwork at the Baltimore Comic Con September 2-4 and at the Alamo Comic Con September 26-28. Tell her I said "Hi!" if you see her (she won't know who I am, but don't let that stop you.)