Monday, June 18, 2018

Paper Maché Pumpkins

Last week we looked at some vintage paper maché pumpkins and there are many artists still making wonderful Halloween pieces from that sticky mess. I've featured Sarah Krupp in the past, but I want to show you her news pieces. Krupp focuses on pumpkins and I like that they're not the bright orange colors that you typically find. Krupp's pumpkins are muddier and these pumpkins are from the wrong side of the tracks.  Each one is unique and had so much personality. Her shop is Black Hound Emporium (Easton, WA.)

One-Eyed Pumpkin
Winking Pumpkin
Smiling Pumpkin
Masked Pumpkin
Clown Pumpkin
Sad Pumpkin
Buy now to get ahead of having to buy them when they're vintage and cost oodles more.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Vintage Halloween Decorations

I've never really collected antique or vintage Halloween decorations because when I first started collecting the prices were way too expensive for me. That's why I started collecting Halloween art by lesser known- and living- artists. I'm still interested in having some vintage pieces though and I'm in a better place financially than I was 30 some years ago so maybe now is the time?

The first thing you need to do when collecting antiques and vintage items is to know the market. You have to find similar pieces to know what a reasonable price is and this can be hard with pieces as unusual as Halloween items. I like the shop Exploremag run by Mike and Sammie Slone. They have a decent size collection of vintage Halloween items and the prices seem reasonable to me and are in-line with what I've seen at antique auctions and markets.

If you're going to collect vintage Halloween art buy the best in your price range and buy what you like- not what others say is rare or highly collectable.  You'll be happier because if you ever find out you've paid too much for something, you'll still love it and will be happy to own it.

1940's Smiling Jack-O-Lantern
1950's Halloween Witch Pull Toy
1940's Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Black Cat Noise Maker
1940's Witch Party Favor
1930's German Jack O'Lantern
If you're just starting a collection you might want to pick one certain theme: witches, pumpkins, paper maché, bakelite- you get it. Always read the fine print and shop around. Do you have a vintage Halloween collection you'd like to share with Shivers of Delight? Send me a message!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jewelry to Remind Me of Night

These days I'm a person that more enjoys the idea of night rather than actually experiencing it. I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal so in the summer I am usually in bed before it gets dark. It's weird. That's why I need to wear jewelry that reminds me of night. I know it exists. Jewelry By Tiki has just what I'm looking for. Tiki's pieces are reminiscent of all the things that come alive in darkness.

Gothic Skull and Snakes Necklace
Death of the Vampire Necklace
Raven Skull Earrings
Dark Soul Pendant
Spider Locket
Bat Love Necklace

Maybe tonight I'll try to stay awake to see a firefly or better yet a bat.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Spooky Mugs & Hocus Pocus T-shirts

I always have my eyes peeled for a good coffee mug for work. While it's true you can have too many coffee mugs, I rarely find that I have too many good coffee mugs. Delicious Accessories carries coffee mugs, t-shirts, and other odds and ends that made me pause. See what you think.

Bruja (Witch) Mug
Undertaker and Embalmer Mug
Octopus in Baby Carriage Mug
Hocus Pocus Movie Quote
Hocus Pocus Movie Quote
Poe Tea Towel
These are pretty good. The dish towel cracked me up.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Soaking in Graveyard Dirt

I confess I haven't had the opportunity to soak in a tub of graveyard dirt- not sure I want to, but soaking in some bath salts that are called Long in the Grave is another thing entirely. I'm all for that. Cian Fenton makes bath salts, soaps, oils, and lotions with macabre names.  Have you thought of stocking your guest bathroom with a little witchery? I think it might be fun.  The shop is Strange Charm Design.

Long in the Grave Bath Salts
Wolf Cub Hand and Body Lotion
The Abandoned House Bath Salts
Black Cauldron Bath Salts
Lost Soul Perfume Oil
The Mysterious Stranger Hand and Body Lotion

Wouldn't it be lovely to soak in a tub of spooky bath salts after a particularly draining spell or after foraging for potion ingredients?

Monday, June 11, 2018

For the Skull Aficionado Who Has Everything

If I were planning my wedding again, I wouldn't hesitate to use Dem Bones sweetly packaged sugar skulls as a wedding favor. They make me smile. In fact, I might even consider giving them out at a funeral. It would have to be a certain type of funeral, of course.  Note to self: put a note about Dem Bones in my funeral arrangements.

The edible sugar skulls are just a part of Dem Bones shop. You'll now find soaps, coffee, and mugs as well. There is something here for every skull aficionado.

Sugar Skull Cubes
Dem Bones Coffee Mug
Vampire Skull Soap on a Rope
Absinthe Set
Skull Cube on Chocolate Spoon Set
Sugar Skull Cube Favors

Why did I decide to cut sugar from my diet last week? Now these seem even more devilish to me.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Macabre Mix!

Things you need to know about me: I love skulls, bats, the Ouija board, and all things spooky. But, you already knew that. I guess no explanation is needed then for why I chose the following items for a Macabre Mix post. Buy them before I do.

Embroidered Skull T-shiret from MattHouston
Death's Head Moth Tea Cup from FaithAdamsCeramics 
New York Planchette from VeronaBlack
Antique German Devil Candy Dish from CheshireStudiosAntq
Bat Mug from rhoneypots
Call Me Planchette Necklace from DaniVegasDesigns

Now, that's good spooky fun.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Coven of Witch Art Dolls

When I lived in Atlanta many years ago almost everyone was a transplant from somewhere else. It was hard to find anyone who actually had grown up there, and apparently things haven't changed much because Marianna Nardin, now in Atlanta, has lived in Europe and the U.K.  Nardin creates art dolls and has a special love of witches. She makes both primitive and more sophisticated witches. I like them both. Her shop is The Circus of Lost Dolls.

Witches Parade
Miss Tabitha Witch
Ouija Board Witch
Giuseppina Little Witch
Witch Apothecary Shadowbox
Venezia Art Doll
Aren't they all lovely?

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Mugs for Black Coffee

I'm sure you've heard that only psychopaths drink black coffee (or something like that.) Well, if that's your drink of choice I think you need a coffee mug to match the mood. Ömer Faruk Döskaya is making ceramic skull and zombie mugs that will make your black coffee seem sweet.

The shop is Cerapost.

Gray Matte Skull Mug
Dark Green Zombie Mug
Skull Coffee Mug
Salem's Lot Inspired Coffee Mug
Hell Boy Coffee Mug
Joker Coffee Mug

There are lots of horrific mugs in this shop. You'll find other horror film icons represented as well. Drink up.