Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Patches That Will Knock Your Socks Off: Monsterologist

There are plenty of patches out there, but the ones by George Coghill are going to knock your socks off. They scream Halloween and I just love the cutouts. The shop is Monsterologist and you need to check it out.

Sons of Samhain Biker Patch
Black Cat Magic
Night Watch Patch
Hollows Angels Biker Patch
Double Trouble Witch Patch
Stingy Jacks
I think I'm buying all of these! I'm not a jean-jacket wearing girl, but if I can find a cool men's vintage jacket to sew them to I'll be set. The shop also carries pins, stickers and some t-shirts. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Enchanting Totes: Bags By April

My work tote bag is starting to fall apart. I'm searching for a new one and came upon some spooky themed tote bags that are enchanting. I like that they have a rectangular bottom that helps them sit well.  I think you'll like them too. The shop is Bags By April.

Halloween Cats Shoulder Bag
Jack O'Lantern Tote
Skeleton Portrait Bag
Tarot Card Tote
Day of the Dead Purse
Raven Nevermore Purse
Nightmare Before Christmas Tote
Maybe you could use these for an adult trick-or-treat bag too?

Friday, July 19, 2019

For the Macabre Miniaturist: Twisted Miniatures

I missed posting several of the last Fridays, but hope you haven't forgotten that I'm gently pushing you toward creating a miniature haunted room. The challenge is to have it finished by October so that I can post your spooky pieces. Think of it as a way to create your ultimate Halloween dream. You can find more at the Shivers of Delight Facebook event.

Today's miniature post has the perfect creepy accessories. They're made by two sisters and their shop is Twisted Miniatures.  (I wonder if they'd adopt me.) There is so much to love in this shop I'm having a hard time picking my favorites.

Gothic Miniature Pram
Shrunken Head in Dome
Spooky Chest of Drawers
Lethal Injection Table
Crooked Broomstick
Coffin, Cart, Wreath, and Dead Body
You can find out more about the sinister sisters who have created these miniatures at their blog https://twistedminiaturesdotcom.wordpress.com  Now, get to work!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Garden Gnome Hell: RevenantFX

I've featured the rabid garden gnomes from RevenantFX in a previous post, but they're so wonderful I think they deserve a second look. Artists Casper and Sadie Revenant love horror and they've created garden art that will make any horror fan smile. I need a few of these peeking out from under my ferns. I love that they've expanded beyond gnomes too.

Set of 5 Bite Size Zombie Gnomes
Vinnie The Victim
Viscera Valentine Zombie Gnome
The Great Pumpkin Corpse
The Sasquatch
Haggatha McWitchface Mulch Witch
Amanda the Infected Trash Panda
These make me laugh! I'll bet they'll keep the deer out of your garden. The shop has so many to choose from you won't be able to decide which one you love best.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Concrete Jack O'Lanterns: ConcreteKA

Anna Kart is making the coolest stuff out of concrete. Of course, her concrete jack o'lanterns caught my eye right away. They're fantastic. I have to mention though that they're coming from Kazakhstan and I can't imagine what the shipping is on that to the U.S.

(WAIT! I just noticed that it says "free shipping to the United States."  Wow. I feel bad that the artist will make almost nothing on this. Have you heard about Etsy's new policy about asking artists to make shipping free? Etsy will then rank the items that have free shipping higher in searches. I don't feel very comfortable about that. I expect to pay for my shipping and don't want artists to lose profits. I know that they'll probably just add the shipping into the cost, but it's not a smooth transaction.) 

It may take a little longer to receive these adorable pieces, but you'll have a very unique item in your collection that will last a lifetime.

Concrete Jack Skellington
Concrete Oogie Boogie
Ghost Lantern
Pumpkin Lantern
Concrete Jack O'Lantern
Kart also makes ornaments!

Halloween Skellie Ornament
All of the candle lit pumpkins are tea-light size. You can hold them in the palm of your hand. I think they're so sweet.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Halloween T-shirts

I can already feel the excitement for Halloween building. Perhaps it's because all of the Halloween blogs I follow (you've visited all those links on the right side, I assume) are buzzing with sightings of Halloween decorations hitting the stores. I think it's time to stock up on Halloween t-shirts and I love the the offerings from HalloweenTshirts!

I'm Spooky All Year 'Round
Never Too Old For Free Candy
Queen of the Pumpkin Patch
Baddest Witch On The Block
It's Never Too Early for Halloween
Tis the Season to be Spooky Cap
There are t-shirts for kids and specific professions in this shop too. They're all fun and the shop is owned by a college student "with dreams of being a successful entrepreneur." Help a spooky girl out.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Macabre Mix Monday!

We're creeping closer to Halloween. Let me help you get ready with a few items I found from a variety of artists on Etsy. It's fun to see what the box stores are starting to put out for the Halloween season, but supporting individual artists is so much more satisfying.

Halloween Oogie Window Sillouette from Harbor Design Co
Skull Keychain Clip from Paralogical
Pumpkin Soup Tureen from Tea at Tiffanies
Future Ghost Pocket T-shirt from CraftyMcCraftfaceUS
Forged Iron Skull Pendant from NancyFeDesigns
Tooled Leather Skull Watch Band from Nickston
Pumpkin Town Halloween Skirt from AltPutreFashion
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Wall Art from BettyandMarieDesigns
I hope you're getting as excited as I am for Halloween!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Halloween Decals: Trendy Wall Designs

I'm really feeling the need to start planning my new Halloween decorations. I think I would like to put some silhouettes in my windows and I've been looking around for just the right thing. Trendy Wall Designs has a pretty good selection of Halloween wall decals that would also work for windows. I want to go bold.

Zombie Hands
Grim Reaper
Sleeping Bats
Scary Tree
I think you could cut the decals to fit individual window panes or even cut them so that only half showed through a window. The decals come in a variety of colors. Check the shop for more designs.