Friday, September 17, 2021

Wood Burned Artistry

Kelli Elizabeth is creating some beautiful wood-burned pieces that will fit in nicely with your Halloween decorations and you can keep them on display all year long. Her shop is From The Pyre.

Floral Wood Burned Coffin Box

Wood Burned Rib Cage

Skeleton Hand Coffin Box

Skeleton Finger Bracelet

Wood Burned Demon

Honey Bee Coffin
I've never used a wood burner before, but I can't imagine it is easy to get such delicate lines. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Adorable Little Ceramic Spookies

I happened upon the tiny ceramic figures from Little Mystic Life and fell in love instantly- that often happens between me and Halloween stuff. But really, these are just ADORABLE! Some can be hung from a chain and some are just miniature pieces of pure Halloween joy. See for yourself.

King Ghost Ceramic Figure

Pumpkin with Bat Wings

Tiny Bat Pendant

Ceramic Skull Pendant

Deaths Head Moth Pendant

Ghost Pendant

Each piece is unique and hand painted. I don't know how I would even begin to choose my favorite!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

My Spooky Agenda: September 15 - 22

I'll definitely be doing some shopping on Saturday and maybe on Friday (hint- a special entrance fee gets you into the Mortals' Market early on Friday). I think I need to watch an episode of The Addams Family and Bewitched tv series too. Don't forget to check out the blog post from Mabon House on celebrating the equinox on Wednesday. So much to do!!

Saturday the 18th

Monday the 20th

Tuesday the 21st

  • (2007) Alice Ghostley Death Anniversary (portrayed Esmeralda on Bewitched tv series)

Wednesday the 22nd

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Colorful Ceramic Altars and Shrines

Keep Halloween in your heart by hanging a little shrine to the season on your wall all year long. You can also remember a loved one with one of the shrines from Kirsten Page Bennett. I love her colorful ceramic altars and wall decor. 

Mini Wall Altar with Skull

Choosing A Heart

Mini Wall Altar with Skull and Wings

Ceramic Anatomical Heart and Skull Ornament

Glittery Night Sky

Mini Wall Altar with Skull

I think the shrines would be perfect for a photo of lost but loved pet.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Beds for Your Spooky Cat

I'm a cat lady. I'm sure that comes as no surprise because I've found that many spooky people have cats. After all, cats in themselves are a little spooky! You know what I mean if you've seen your cat staring at something with great attention that you can't see.

So today, I thought I'd post some cool cat beds that will fit into any goth home. Nothing ruins the mood more than a pet bed that doesn't enhance your style.

Pumpkin Cat House from Happy Heart Pet

Coffin Pet Bed from Meser Makes

Pumpkin Cat House from MyVinChester

Upcycled Wine Crate Coffin Pet Bed from Atomic Attic

Pumpkin Cat House from Pet Universe

Pet Coffin Bed from OPBCuriosities

Pumpkin Cat Bed from Bagsymine Store

Coffin with Tufted Black Velvet from Sailor Taylor Tattoo

Custom made Gothic Cat House from House of Narcisse

Oh, I know- amazing. 

If you have a small dog, most of the coffins would probably suit them as well if they're a good jumper. By the way, have you seen the coffin cat bed that I made? I always have more than a handful of cats at any one time and when I found a small coffin at the Brimfield Flea Market, well that was just what I needed. See the post about it here.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Weird and Wonderful Ceramics

Feeling like you need to add some beautifully dark serving ware to your household? Weird and Wonderful Ceramics has a collection of ceramic ghost dishes that you're going to want to consider. There are lots of skull pieces as well, and I love the matching dishtowels and aprons too! Know someone having a Halloween wedding? These would make great gifts.

Ghost Dinner Set

Ceramic Ghost Picture Frame

Grey Skull Cake Stand

Spider Web Serving Platter with Lid

Large Bug Teapot

Matte Black Skull Coffee Mug

Purple Spider Web Platter

Buy now before your favorite pieces are sold out, but don't fret there are many pieces to choose from.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

My Spooky Agenda September 8 - 15


Wednesday the 8th

Thursday the 9th

  • Horror Writers Assoc. of NY, Galactic Terrors, online horror, dark fiction readings, 8pm EDT

Friday the 10th

Saturday the 11th

  • (2010) Kevin McCarthy Death Anniversary (Actor in Invasion of the Body Snatchers)

Sunday the 12th

Monday the 13th

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Time to Patch Up Your Halloween Wardrobe?

Once September hits, Halloween feels real! This past weekend my husband and I took a weekend trip to the Hudson River Valley in NY. We were in the Catskill region, the home of Rip VanWinkle, and you could see the trees starting to change color and pumpkins were sitting at the roadside farmsteads along with sweet corn; you could feel a crispness to the air. It got me so excited that yesterday, once we were home, I immediately hit the shops to see if any new Halloween merch was out. Can you believe the Targets here still do not have their Halloween items out??? Ugh.

Which all leads me to nothing except I realized that all those projects I've been planning on doing- like sewing up some Halloween season outfits- are quickly becoming a project for next year. You too? Well, if you need a quick fix, how about adding some spooky patches to your current wardrobe? Think outside the box, by adding one to the hem of your skirt, lacing it on to your shoe (add some tabs on the back), or making it into a barrette. Seventh Ink (I got there eventually) has some beautifully embroidered and woven patches in the shop you might be interested in. You'll also find some prints by artist Matthew Johnson as well as enamel pins.

Archerontia Entwined Patch

Mapled Woven Patch

Orange Bat Patch

Ghoulish Fright Patch

Screaming Pumpkin Enamel Pin

Night of the Pumpkin Print

If you'd like to see what I'm doing with all those pins and patches I've collected, check out my post from last year that shows my suit jacket in progress.
Here's What I Did With All Those Pins & Patches

Friday, September 3, 2021

Halloween Assemblages to Display

Creating assemblages from found object looks easier that it is- believe me, I've seen some poorly done ones. Lisa Smith of Dessie and Bess knows what she's doing. Her Halloween assemblages are clever and will make you feel like a child again waiting for it to get dark on Halloween. Really! They'll bring a smile to almost any grumpy face.

Vintage Halloween Bobble Head Decoration

Halloween Fright Night Moon Decoration

Rustic Village Halloween Bingo Owl Scene

Vintage Halloween Evil Witch Scene

Halloween Magical Witch Decoration

Vintage Spook Show Halloween Decoration

You'll see that the prices for these are very affordable and since they're one of a kind, no one else will have one just like it.