Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Friday - Tie One On

Gentleman, it's time to start thinking about wedding season. No, I'm not asking you to propose to anyone, but you should consider purchasing a new tie - perhaps several ties. After all, you'll probably wear the same suit if you have to go to multiple weddings and wouldn't it be nice to change up the look with a different tie?

Ed's Neckties has some frightfully awesome choices for you. Shop owner Ed Ballesteros was encouraged to make his own ties after noticing the great fabric available when his wife was shopping.  Good for Ed, I say!

Black Skull Necktie
Sugar Skull Necktie
Red Skull Tie
Patriotic Skull Necktie
Skeleton Necktie
You know that deep inside you'd rather wear one of these ties instead of the one your wife or girlfriend picked up for you at Kohls.  Just do it.  And next Christmas, point your family in this direction if they're going to buy you a tie.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Leather Pendants from Edenbee

When I was looking for a mask for the Goblin Ball a few month ago, I came across Eden Bachelder's shop called Edenbee. Bachelder is a Canadian artist who has dabbled in many arts and is focused on mask making for the moment. My attention was drawn to the leather pendants that she creates, but I also like her watercolors. I'm not dismissing her masks; those are lovely too.

Death's Head Moth Pendant
Owl Skeleton
Bat Pendant
Goat Leather Mask
Signed and Matted Print of Black Bird VI
Slinking Wolf Print
Sepia Raven Matted Print
The more I look at that goat mask, the more I love it. I would wear it with a big ballgown. Visit Bachelder's shop for a variety of masks. You can't have too many.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fashionably Frightening Art

Julianna Menna describes herself as a professional painter in Philadelphia who creates "fashionably frightening art." I really like her series of regal bird skulls dressed in period costumes. You can visit Menna's website for a look at her paintings and drawings, and prints can be purchased on Etsy at Julianna Menna Art.

Allison Gross 
The Judge
The Bride
The Lord
The Lady
I must say that these are the tiniest art prints I've ever seen. Most of them are under five inches, but they are also the same size as the actual paintings. They could probably be framed and put in a doll house!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spun Cotton Halloween

The first figure I ever bought from Vintage by Crystal was a bat with outstretched wings. That was soon followed by a black cat and an octopus. I wanted to create a sort of Halloween rock band. I still treasure them and was recently re-inspired to look to see what was in the shop. I wasn't disappointed! Since I first purchased my spun cotton figures, there is a new website (where you can find events, a blog, and special sales) and Crystal and Ben Sloane are working full-time making these wonderful figures. Each figures in unique, and they're simply charming. I think the Sloanes might need to write a storybook to go along with them.

Siamese Bat Children
Halloween Skeleton
Black Standing Cat
Halloween Spider
Pumpkin Boy Riding Black Cat
If you're a fan of Bethany Lowe then you really need to check out the entire collection. I love these little figures and need to create an entire Halloween parade across the fireplace mantel. Wouldn't that be fun?

Monday, March 20, 2017

Woe and Shucks

I find that people who gravitate toward the macabre have the best sense of humor. In order to not go off the deep end, you have to find humor in the tragic. Woe and Shucks is a shop that captures this philosophy and then sells it to you. You should buy it.

The Antisocial Home Museum: Curiosities and My Cat (Brilliant!)
Spirit Bored and Dead on the Inside Pin
Black Phillip Is My President
Skeptic Scully Nesting Doll
House of Usher Enamel Pin
Black Phillip vs Krampus

There are so many good t-shirts here. I don't even wear t-shirts that often and I want about six of them. The Antisocial Home Museum t-shirt? That is one of my life goals!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Demon Car

The car I drive is the first one I ever bought entirely myself. It has been awesome and now has over 272,000 miles on it and I'm not giving it up till it hits at least 300,000 miles. Not long after I purchased it (2002?) my sister gifted me a set of Powerpuff Girls floor mats that are still in it. I can't imagine parting with them, but if I did, I might consider a set of car floor mats from Ink and Rags.
Sugar Skull
Sexy Red Skull
Octopus Tentacle
Cameo Rose Skulls
Black & Tan Skulls
Pirate Skull and Swords

If you like what you see there are additional car mat designs as well as comforters, curtains, shower curtains, neckties and more in the shop. It's lots of fun.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fantastic Skirts from Rooby Lane

As soon as this snow is gone, I'm going to want a few new Spring items to wear. I'm enchanted with the skirts and dresses from Rooby Lane. The shop owner (Rooby?) designs her own fabrics and has a small army of what she called "mature" women sewing the items in their homes. She also uses a factory that is a small London business to make the dresses. It all sounds so wonderful and happy that I'm going to need a dark and gloomy skirt just to balance it all out.

Spells on Parchment Paper Skirt
Classic Horror Stories Infinity Scarf
Dracula Literature Skirt
Hamlet's Soliloquy Dress
Geeky Drone Dress
Lady MacBeth Skirt
I love that Rooby Lane will create a custom skirt for you using your favorite piece of literature. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Bridesmaids skirts, anyone?? Rooby Lane also has an Etsy shop if you're more comfortable ordering there. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weird & Wonderful Ceramics

Elisha Morton was a tattoo artist who gave it up because of the odd hours and time away from her family. At her sister's suggestion, she took up ceramics and using her artistic talent and skills as a tattoo artist she has opened a shop called Weird and Wonderful Ceramics. Her pieces are uniquely handpainted and capture her interest in gothic and macabre design. You'll like it.

Large Bug Bowl
Skull Jug
Skull Tea Set
Four Piece Bug Dinner Set
Skull Olive Oil Bottle
Bug Tea Cup

Any of these pieces would make a nice housewarming gift for the right person. I'm sure you know one.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Divine This

I need some good old divination to know if we're going to lose power in today's snowstorm. If it does go out, maybe a spirit board can tell me when it will come back on. The first priority in any snow storm is, of course, to get the blog post out (after a good cup of coffee.) The handy thing about spirit boards is they don't use any electricity.

Pandora Witch Shop is located in the Ukraine, which I think, makes it all the more magical. The shop owners are Balaur and Vendana. All items are handmade of etched and painted wood.

All Seeing Eye Ouija Board
Baphomet Ouija Board
Wheel of the Year
Divination Pendulum Board
Altar Shelf
Tarot Box
Elder Futhark Runes
Aren't these pieces lovely? Even if you're not a practicing witch, these are nice display pieces. It doesn't hurt to surround yourself with a little magic now and then.