Friday, November 16, 2018

Skeletons in Pastels

Maria Marfia is a pastel artist who creates traditional portraits and landscapes (quite beautifully, I might add) with a side project of drawing skeletons. Marfia says they make her laugh and she thinks they're rebellious. I agree! Some of her skeleton works echo traditional paintings; you'll know them when you see them. She calls the series "Old Dead Masters." There is a shop in her website where you can purchase original works, prints, and cards.

Vincent Van Skelly
Blue Skelly Dancers
Skelly Dancer No. 3
There's Nothing To Do In This Town
You Kids Get Off My Lawn
Au Moulin Skelly
These are so much fun! Visit Marfia's website for lots more.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Whimspookal Whittling

I love that Karen Howard describes herself as a whittler. She was taught the skill by her grandmother when she was 9 years old. What started as a fun way to pass the time eventually turned into a career. She has done fine wood carving over the years, but has returned to a simpler style. Her shop is called Sackcloth Gallery.

Bat in Apron
Flight Night in Tramp Art
Johnson's Baby Pumpkin
Poe Me A Cup
Crow Going As A Girl Going As A Crow
Tobacco Crow
Howard is making me want to take up carving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Gothic Jewelry Delights

Today I have jewelry from an expat living in Barcelona. The collector/artist is unnamed in the shop, but obviously has a good eye for gothic jewelry. Although the artist is a collector of memento mori jewelry, these pieces are all custom made. The shop is Sacred Barcelona.

Bat Bracelet with Opals
Coiled Snake Necklace
Vanitas Skull with Amethysts Ring
Skull & Hand Amulet Necklace
Gargoyle Necklace
Skull Rings
There are many beautiful pieces to choose from in this shop. Goths will be delighted.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Recent UFO Sighting!

Did you hear that there was a UFO sighting on November 9th near Ireland? I saw the story online at the BBC: UFO Spotted off Irish Coast. Read it! It will give you shivers. In honor of UFOs, I found a few fun things to post.

I Want To Leave Patch from LinkACreativeEmpire
UFO Garden Art from PhoenixArtByAmy
Glow in the Dark UFO T-shirt from UriahClearLight
Flying Saucer and Cow Crochet Pattern from lalylala
UFO and Reindeer T-shirt from DSignIn
UFO Over Columbus, Ohio Print from alternatehistories
UFO Cow Abduction Lamp from ThunderBooms
Flying Saucer Charm Necklace from JuJuTreasures
People who are interested in UFOs have a great sense of humor.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hand-Carved Halloween Folk Art

When you're a collector of Halloween art, the fact that Halloween is celebrated on one day means nothing to you. You're focused on finding the best pieces for your collection every day! Joy Hall is a self-taught wood carver whose work is nationally known. I'm delighted by her whimspookal carvings for Halloween. Her shop is Joy Hall Folk Art.

Raven Witch on Pumpkin
Skeleton Man
Freaky Franky
Crazy Crow Witch
Slitherin Snake Witch
The details on these pieces are amazing! I love all of them, and if you like them too, make sure you visit Hall's shop because she has over 50 Halloween pieces available.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Potent Pots

Ali Ticknor is a potter living in northern New Mexico making sweet clay jars with images of skulls and spiders. They have a very "good witch" feel to them. They're perfect for flowers, pens & pencils, knitting needles, or your collection of feathers. Her shop is Gypsy Wanderlust Art.

Skull Wreath Vase
Spider Wreath Vase
Green Spider Wreath Vase
Skull Vase
Green Skull Wreath Vase
Blue Spider Wreath Vase
These pieces are all petite- ranging from three to six inches in height. One would fit just right in the toe of a Christmas stocking.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Resin Cast Bone Jewelry

From time to time I see jewelry that makes use of real bones. I always wonder where the bones came from. Now, most artists used ethically sourced bones, but a steady supply must be hard to come by. I like that Emanuela Vanfiori is casting the bones she uses from resin for her pieces. They look fantastic and when you wear them you don't have to wonder if the ghost of a dead animal is following you around. Her shop is Five Forges.

Fox Jaw Adjustable Bracelet
Raven Love Necklace
Deer Skull Necklace
Crow Skull Ring
Crow Skull Hair Tie
Ogre Skull Necklace
Each piece is hand painted and they look so realistic! Well, ok, I've never actually seen a real ogre skull, but I imagine it's pretty accurate.