Friday, October 21, 2016

Sit a Spell With Me

Day three of The Thirteen Days of Halloween! How are you doing? Last night I watched The Corpse Bride. It grows on me every time I watch it.

I'm having fun showing off my Halloween collection and decor the week. Let's move into the salon. (I apologize about the lighting. It's dark in our house even on a sunny day.)

There are so many artists featured in this room that I'm not even going to begin to give a shout-out. If you see something that interests you, ask me about it in the comments section. Many of the artists are featured at some point in a blog post. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Welcome to the Dining Room

It's day two of The Thirteen Days of Halloween and I'm moving inside to show you some of our Halloween collection. Today, I'll show you the dining room where we, unlike many, actually eat dinner.

Many of the items in our Halloween collection stay up all year. I don't like to put away pieces that were made my artists. The decorations I bring out for a few months are usually Halloween specific like pumpkins.  This year I added real knives for some ceiling decor. That was a bone of contention with my husband who was sure they were going to fall down and kill us while we were eating, but so far, we live.

Many years ago my husband rigged up an awesome grid of fishing line that covers the ceiling. It's perfect for hanging all sorts of things. You'll also see some stars and a string of lights circling the room. The sheer ghosts also hang from there. You'll have a better look at those in the next few days. 

The felt table runner was one of ten I made for our wedding tables. Of course, we were married the day before Halloween. I like being able to pull them out every year. The orange bowl (filled with plastic vampire teeth) and candles are vintage.

The cabinet on the wall houses the Mexican Day of the Dead collection. 

The fireplace no longer works, but it's a great place to sit my giant wax pumpkin that I purchased at Target over 10 years ago. The spider platter is by Laura Zindel and the hands are vintage glove forms with a tulle sleeve I added. The print of skeletons toasting each other with beer mugs is by Dan Grzeca.

I created the wall of mirrors by spray painting mirrors I found at thrift stores. I put it up for a Halloween party two years ago and it never came down.

My grandfather made the china cabinet that I inherited. My grandparents used to put their best china in it. Now it houses glassware for the bar. I wonder what they would think? The devil match holder holding up the Poe collection is by Jonathan Adler. The poison cocktail napkins are vintage and designed by Georges Briard.

Thanks for visiting our dining room. Tomorrow we'll have a chat in the living room.

Don't forget to make some mischief today.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My Outside Halloween Decorations

It's finally here! The first day of Halloween. I always celebrate The Thirteen Days of Halloween and it starts with October 19. The Thirteen Days allow me to finally take a breath and enjoy the season. I try to wear spooky attire, eat lots of candy, watch spooky movies, listen to spooky music, and read spooky stories.

I also like to drive around and look at all the houses decorated for Halloween. I have to say it seems that each year in my neighborhood fewer and fewer houses are decorating. It's a shame. I'm holding holding the standard on my street. Here is what I've done this year.

When I'm planning my outside Halloween decor I try to make sure that it looks as good in the daylight as it does at night. I don't like to see deflated inflatables laying on the grass during the day and I hide my cat in the flower bed so that it's not noticeable during the day. Lights play a part in making it look great at night, but they're not a prominent feature.

Many of the features are things my husband and I made. The flames are painted plywood that came out of a conversation where my husband called me Purga-jori because living with me wasn't quite heaven, but it wasn't hell either- his wit is one of the reasons I married him. 

You can see the processes of creating Mr. Crow and the Eyeball banner by clicking their links. The Skeleton King's robe was made out of some old sheer curtains and sheets I had. 

Please post pictures of your outside Halloween decor on my Facebook page. I'd love to see what you're doing.

I'll be posting everyday till Halloween now. That means Saturdays and Sundays too. Stick with me!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vegetarian Taxidermy

You may recall that a few years ago I took a taxidermy class. It was something I had never considered doing, but, with prodding from a friend, I thought it might make a good story later (it has) and I now have Hazel- my taxidermy flying mouse. You can see pictures of her from my blog post.

The most important thing I learned is how long and difficult it is to create a fine work of taxidermy. It is not for the squeamish either. There were a few times in my tiny piece where I had to disassociate for a minute to take the next step.

If you've been interested in taxidermy, but can't quite get past the notion of having a dead animal in your house I've got a solution for you. Beth Hart makes faux taxidermy pieces that are delightful. Her shop is called Floozey and it's filled with organs and bones made of felt. Yep, pretty cool.

Rat Skeleton
Half Mouse- Half Skeleton
Owl Skull
Two-headed Pug Skeleton
Be Antisocial With Me Anatomical Heart
Bird Skull
These pieces make me smile. I love the idea of creating cold skeletons from something as warm and comforting as felt. 

And now for a service announcement:
In case you haven't noticed, tomorrow is the beginning of what I call the Thirteen Days of Halloween. It's time to get serious, put down your scissors, and start enjoying our favorite holiday. As part of my celebration, I'll be posting everyday- that means Saturdays and Sundays too- till Halloween with the things that inspire me. You'll also gets lots of photos of my collection and decor. 

Here we go!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Halloween Ornaments

I've been busy putting the finishing touches on my Halloween decor this weekend. We're only two days away from the Thirteen Days of Halloween! Of course, I'm never truly finished and can always add a few more things. One of those things may be a Halloween ornament from Aunt Lillies Attic. I'm smitten with her ghosts and I really don't have many in my collection.

Ghost Ornament
Dark Ghost
Skull Ornament
Witch Ornament
Pumpkin Ornament
Mummy Ornament
These ornaments are super affordable. Check out the entire collection. You know you need just a few more things before everything is complete.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Teeny-Tiny Skeletons

I'm always looking out for miniature spooky items. I have plans for a funeral parlor doll house, you see. I came across some tiny skeletons under glass that are also a fun project. You get to glue them together. The kits are from and they are adorable!  The finished skeletons are only one to two inches tall and comes with a glass dome for display. You'll need a steady hand, but reviews are highly favorable, so it can't be too difficult. This is the perfect little gift for the Great Pumpkin to leave on Halloween.

Medusa Skeleton (2" tall)
Cyclops Skeleton (2" tall)
Angel Skeleton (2" tall)
Human Skeleton ((2" tall)
Canine Skeleton (1" tall)
There are also lots of dinosaur skeletons to choose from in the shop. You can purchase the skeleton models and the domes separately too. This would make a great gift for a medical student. Each kit comes with glue, tweezers, a magnifying glass (ha!), and of course the wooden models and glass dome. Love it.