Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tiny Terrors Tuesday: The Sacred Trust

I'm starting to really love Tiny Terrors Tuesdays. They give me a reason to search out artists working in miniature who also love Halloween and the dark side of life.  Today I have tiny original paintings- not prints- that you can hang in your doll house. Ben Brockman works in watercolor to create tiny little skull paintings. They're roughly 3 inches in size and would make quite an impact in any tiny house. The shop is The Sacred Trust and also sells other wall art, t-shirts, and stickers.

Miniature Skull with Flowers Watercolor
Miniature Watercolor and Charcoal Skull
Watercolor and Ink Skull Painting
Miniature Cat Skull Watercolor
Miniature Skull with Flowers Watercolor

Miniature Human Skull 
Even if you don't have a doll house to decorate, these tiny portraits would look good on a shelf with your other creepy art.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Macabre Mix Monday

It's Monday and I have a new keyboard! For those of you who read Friday's post you know that JoJo spilled a cup of coffee on the keyboard. It was fried. Amazon the savior that I love and hate had a new keyboard on my doorstep before noon the next day. We're back in business for another Macabre Mix Monday.

Pumpkin Sculpture from Creepy Baby Studio
Skull Brooch from Shelley Cooper Jewelry
Creepy Nosferatu Bat Doll from mMURMURES
Needle Felted Jack O'Lantern Doll from Woolin Legends
Steampunk Skull Charms from ibelief
Straight Pien Hammer with Skull from Vajko Art
5 Pocket Skull Apron from Bunch of Butterflies
Pumpkin Skull Jar from Night Owl Artistry Shop
Woman with Skull Face Sculpture from Jessica LL Dalva
That skull hammer and 5 pocket apron would make a great housewarming gift for your goth friend. Just sayin'.

Friday, February 14, 2020

X-Ray Lamp Shades: SkeleLights

Have you ever noticed that once you put your holiday decor away that you're ready to redecorate your house? This happens to me every year. And, it goes without saying, that the new decor gets a little spookier every year. If you're in the mood for something new and creepy, take a look at the lampshades from SkeleLights. They're made from veterinarian x-rays and while they won't provide a lot of light into your space, they won't throw and shade either.

Old Lady Cat Jasmine, Two Matching Lamps & Shades
Dog Chest X-ray Lampshade
Small Dog Hip X-ray Lampshade
Cat Full BodY X-raY Lampshade

I interrupt this post to let You know that mY cat, QYJoQYJo,  just spilled mY cup of coffee allover mY keYpad. QYNow, when ever QYI use the shift keY QY show up in front of anY letter. QYOh, and did You notice QYI onlY have a capital QY nowQY? 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Curiously Magical Jewelry: Curionomicon

Anatomical hearts, piercing eyeballs, skulls, fangs, and so much more! The clay and copper jewelry from Aurélia of Curionomicon is enchanting. Copper not your thing? There are also silver pieces and some lovely encased bugs. You'll even find whimspookal ghosts and pumpkins in the shop. What's not to like?

Magical Child Skull Necklace
Dragon Eye Ring
Anatomical Heart Necklace
Scorpion Locket
Crystal Moon Pendant
Pumpkin Ring
Ghost Pendant
I love the pieces I'm seeing in this shop right now!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Fantasy Art Dolls: Focuspokus

Yelena Hall is making art dolls for dark worlds. The tiny mice are so life-like I had to look closely to see if they were taxidermies. They're not! Hall's craftsmanship makes the ugly, beautiful. Her shop is Focuspokus and Hall calls her work "dolls for dreamers."

Witch Art Doll
Seven Heads Rat King
Black Halloween Cat
Raven Witch
Three Eyed Art Dolls
Blind Witch
Hall's dolls are made to order so your's might be slightly different, but just as spooky.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tiny Terror Tuesday: Nightfall Miniatures

Are you starting to become addicted to Tiny Terror Tuesdays and looking at miniatures for a haunted doll house? Cause I am.  Jenny Cooper is making Harry Potter inspired miniatures and other spooky pieces that may kickstart your next project. Her shop is Nightfall Miniatures.

Professor Trelawney's Divination Classroom
Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom
Monster Books
Honey Dukes Candy Trolley
Vampire Cradle
Aleister Crowley Satantic Altar
Tiny Absinthe Table
I'm inspired by this Absinthe table to do a haunted bar.....

Friday, February 7, 2020

Miserable Season Celebration: Belle Epoque Co

Sometimes during the Miserable Season, you just need to stop and celebrate something... anything. I think that's why Mardi Gras was created. If you just feel like celebrating doom and gloom I found some party decoration that will bring a smile. They're by Belle Epoque Co.

Bat Balloon
Ghost Balloon
Black Cat Balloon
Sugar Skull Balloons
Scary Bitches Balloons

Sugar Skull Foil Balloon
Black Balloons
I think I need to fill my office with black balloons and those scary bitches balloons. If my cold goes on any longer I'll be a ghost balloon. I can't wait for Miserable Season to be over.