Friday, May 29, 2015

Cedric Laquieze: Fairies and Bones

Cedric Laquieze (I could say that name over and over) is an Amsterdam artist who works with natural materials (bones and insects) to create the unnatural. His animal skeletons covered in flowers caught my eye first but then I discovered his fairies and became a fan. Laquieze has a blog where he posts pictures of his work, but I'm not sure where you can purchase them. He participates in exhibitions throughout Europe so you'll probably have to make that trip. Seems like a good excuse to me.

Foetus Flower Skeleton
First Flower Skeleton
Dog Flower Skeleton
Cat Flower Skeleton
Fairy Army
Fairy Army
Fairy 2012
Fairy 2012

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anatomy with Michael Reedy

Artist Michael Reedy creates detailed portraits that revisit "the timeless themes of life, death and the human condition." The paintings and drawings are beautiful and really, you must enlarge the photos to see all the detail. Some of it will make you laugh. Currently, Reedy is an Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University. He exhibits frequently across the country so you may be able to see his work in person in the near future. Reedy's website also has a shop with several Giclee prints available.

Reedy's website galleries are divided into Recent Works, Blue and Brown Works, Anatomy Series, Anaglyphs (3-D), Brown Works, Miniatures, Sketches, and Doodles. Take some time to scan through them. I think you'll find something you like in every category. Here is a sampling

expulsion (e.)
cluster diptych
once removed
69, possibly 80

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Vincent Price

IMDb lists 7 trademarks of Vincent Price's movies:

  • Often played in horror films with a sense of black humor
  • Often played an anti-hero who wants revenge on those who wronged him
  • Frequently played villains who died screaming
  • Distinctive low-pitched voice and atmospheric narration
  • Often played imposing, menacing villains
  • Towering height and slender frame
  • Ecstatic, hysterical, and terrifying laugh
I can't think of Vincent Price (1911-1993) without thinking about Saturday afternoons watching old horror movies from the 50s and 60s, the Brady Bunch episode where they go to Hawaii, and Tim Burton's wonderful animated short film "Vincent."  One of things that I find endearing about Price is that despite starting his career as a serious actor and then falling into the horror genre he seemed to have really enjoy his spooky persona. He used his ominous voice in everything from cartoons to commercials.  We can't let this day, May 27, go by without wishing him, wherever he is, a very bewitching birthday. 

Perhaps you would like something to remember him?

Key Chain: FableandFury

Necklace: AuroraEventide
Acrylic Painting: MaximusArt
50th Anniversary Edition of Vincent & Mary Price's Cookbook
Raven Cabernet: Reverence Vineyard Napa Valley
Do a little research on Vincent Price. I think you'll be impressed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Loopy Boopy Art Dolls

Colleen Downs is the artist behind Loppy Boopy dolls. I purchased my Loopy Boopy creation back in 2007 and love it dearly. His name is Tom the Tomato Worm and he usually likes to live in my liquor cabinet. He's a bit of a lush.

Loopy Boopy dolls these days tend to be haunting and a bit melancholy. Which means that I adore them and want to take them all home.

Downs has an Etsy site for sales and a blog for her history, but her Facebook page seems to be the most current. Check it out for hundreds of photos of her past work. If you like her dolls, you're in luck because she is posting new creations on her Etsy site today!

New Work on Sale Today!
Prom Zombies
Lenny and Benny
Penny and Polly
Squid Child
Unfortunate First Grader
Last one to the sale is a rotten egg.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Protection From the Evil Eye

The concept of an evil eye is a very old one and considered to be a curse. You may have seen eye-shaped blue glass discs and beads and referred to them as evil eyes. In fact, a Nazar is an eye-shaped amulet used to ward off an evil curse. It never hurts to have a few of these around. Nazar trees are seen around Turkey and I think they are stunning. This may become a backyard project for me.

Today, some images of Nazar trees and Nazar goods. Stay safe my friends.

Designer Treasures: Necklace
StarDelights: Necklace
SevinchJewelry: Necklace
Ebay: Tea Cup Set
Just for fun

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Obscura Day 2015

If you're not familiar with the website Atlas Obscura, well shame on you. Atlas Obscura captures the worlds oddest and most unusual places and things. You really should be checking in weekly.

On May 30th, the website is promoting Obscura Day. "More than 150 events in 39 states and 25 countries, all on a single day, and all designed to celebrate the world's most curious and awe-inspiring places."

Clear your calendar, folks.  Not all of the sites are spooky in nature, but many of them are and you're not going to want to miss out -especially if you live near an event! Private tours and special activities are the features of the day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Really, there are just too many wonderful events to post. Search for events near you here.  Even if you can't make an event on May 30th, many of these sites are open year round.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spider Webs

She who kills a spider
Bad luck betide her

However, no one said anything about absconding with an abandoned spider web.

Preserving spider webs is not a new idea. Many children's science books used to have this activity for a project. That was before the days of non-stop testing, of course. Today, some adults do it exceptionally well. 

In Vermont, you can visit Knight's Spider Web Farm in Williamstown. Mr. Knight actually has spider's spinning webs for him in his barn and then preserves them on wood for you to purchase in their gift shop. When not sold out, they also have webs for purchase online.They'll be open for the season at the end of May. Next time I'm passing through Vermont, I'll be stopping here.

Knight's Black Finish Spider Web

Emil "Rocky" Fiore is another spider web collector. He collects his spider webs in the wild. His website Whirled Wide Webs has interviews and information about Mr. Fiore and his webs mounted on polished beveled glass. You can purchase directly from his website or Evolution and ABC Carpet & Home have them in stock.

Whirled Wide Webs

If you want to preserve a spider web of your very own, there are instructions online. Check out Science Fair Adventure for some simple instructions. The spider web collection season has just begun so get moving!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Signature Halloween Fragrance

Yesterday's post about the Skull Perfume from Patch NYC got me thinking that I really should have a signature Halloween fragrance. It would give me inspiration when I needed to start planning my Halloween activities. I'm feel behind schedule already.

Fortunately, Etsy has many, many shops selling fragrances. One of my favorites is Perfume for Strange Women. Not only do their perfumes look mysterious but their entire marketing package is done very well. I especially like the lockets for perfume solids. I've been considering:

Decadence & Debauchery
(resins, tobacco, blood orange, bergamot, violet, vanilla, woods)
Nightshade Garden
(tomato vine & citrus)
Winter Kitty
(vanilla, rose, douglas fir, snow, fireplace smoke, amber, vetiver)

After you've looked around that site, consider these other delicious fragrances as well.

Nightshade Botanicals: Belladonna
(rosewood, bergamot, neroli)
Debaucherous Bath Body: Zombie Girl
(red cherries, blood orange, pumpkin, pomegranates)
Wyldeivy: Black Cat No. 13
(vanilla, spice, patchouli, musk, sugar, jasmine)
The Parlor Apothecary: Grave
(cedar, clove, vanilla, amber, bergamot, pine)
OHWTO: Venom
(cyanide-spiked amaretto, vanilla'd woods, smoldering cone of heady floral)
BuffaloGalOrganics: Haunted
(patchouli, lavender, ambrette, vanilla)
I'm partial to anything with amber in it. Oh, how to decide?