Thursday, May 28, 2015

Anatomy with Michael Reedy

Artist Michael Reedy creates detailed portraits that revisit "the timeless themes of life, death and the human condition." The paintings and drawings are beautiful and really, you must enlarge the photos to see all the detail. Some of it will make you laugh. Currently, Reedy is an Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University. He exhibits frequently across the country so you may be able to see his work in person in the near future. Reedy's website also has a shop with several Giclee prints available.

Reedy's website galleries are divided into Recent Works, Blue and Brown Works, Anatomy Series, Anaglyphs (3-D), Brown Works, Miniatures, Sketches, and Doodles. Take some time to scan through them. I think you'll find something you like in every category. Here is a sampling

expulsion (e.)
cluster diptych
once removed
69, possibly 80

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