Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spider Webs

She who kills a spider
Bad luck betide her

However, no one said anything about absconding with an abandoned spider web.

Preserving spider webs is not a new idea. Many children's science books used to have this activity for a project. That was before the days of non-stop testing, of course. Today, some adults do it exceptionally well. 

In Vermont, you can visit Knight's Spider Web Farm in Williamstown. Mr. Knight actually has spider's spinning webs for him in his barn and then preserves them on wood for you to purchase in their gift shop. When not sold out, they also have webs for purchase online.They'll be open for the season at the end of May. Next time I'm passing through Vermont, I'll be stopping here.

Knight's Black Finish Spider Web

Emil "Rocky" Fiore is another spider web collector. He collects his spider webs in the wild. His website Whirled Wide Webs has interviews and information about Mr. Fiore and his webs mounted on polished beveled glass. You can purchase directly from his website or Evolution and ABC Carpet & Home have them in stock.

Whirled Wide Webs

If you want to preserve a spider web of your very own, there are instructions online. Check out Science Fair Adventure for some simple instructions. The spider web collection season has just begun so get moving!

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