Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Vincent Price

IMDb lists 7 trademarks of Vincent Price's movies:

  • Often played in horror films with a sense of black humor
  • Often played an anti-hero who wants revenge on those who wronged him
  • Frequently played villains who died screaming
  • Distinctive low-pitched voice and atmospheric narration
  • Often played imposing, menacing villains
  • Towering height and slender frame
  • Ecstatic, hysterical, and terrifying laugh
I can't think of Vincent Price (1911-1993) without thinking about Saturday afternoons watching old horror movies from the 50s and 60s, the Brady Bunch episode where they go to Hawaii, and Tim Burton's wonderful animated short film "Vincent."  One of things that I find endearing about Price is that despite starting his career as a serious actor and then falling into the horror genre he seemed to have really enjoy his spooky persona. He used his ominous voice in everything from cartoons to commercials.  We can't let this day, May 27, go by without wishing him, wherever he is, a very bewitching birthday. 

Perhaps you would like something to remember him?

Key Chain: FableandFury

Necklace: AuroraEventide
Acrylic Painting: MaximusArt
50th Anniversary Edition of Vincent & Mary Price's Cookbook
Raven Cabernet: Reverence Vineyard Napa Valley
Do a little research on Vincent Price. I think you'll be impressed.

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