Monday, May 18, 2015

A Quick Shopping Trip to Get You Through Monday

I was shopping this weekend and saw some perfume called Skull Eau de Cologne. The shop I was in was out of the perfume and only had a tester. I hope my skull smells that good! (This also comes in a perfume solid. )

Skull Eau de Cologne
I got home and searched on the world-wide web and found it at Patch NYC which of course is located...wait for Boston. I found a few other things I think you'll like at Patch NYC as well. Because I'm in a good mood, I'll share them with you.

Beetle Solid Perfume
Tabletop Urn: Perfect for you cemetery display
Large Serpent Platter
Skull Shield Platter
Skull Dessert Plates
Gem Crying Eyes Pillow
Skinny Beetle Pins
Triple Insect Earrings
Jeweled Fly Earrings

I love it all! Next time I'm in Boston, I'm heading here for a shopping spree.

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