Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Christopher McKenney: Horror Surrealist Photography

Horror Surrealist photography. Need I say more? I admire the artists that can make our nightmares come to life. Not because I want to be frightened or disturbed, but because I want to understand where these fears come from. I want to look at my fears head on and dispel them. It's an act of exorcism for me.

Photographer Christopher McKenney, I imagine, sleeps very well. He has dissected his nightmares and shares them with us. He even has a shop on his website so that you can purchase one of his nightmares for your very own at a very reasonable price. Hang one over your bed as a warning to your own nightmares. If a nightmare visits you, you'll expose it for the world to see and its powers will be lost.

Sleep well.

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