Monday, May 31, 2021

Artists Honor Death: Macabre Mix Monday

On this Memorial Day in the United States, I can't help but think about those who have died to protect others and it brings up uncomfortable thoughts. Let's be real- the thought of death is scary because it's the unknown. In this country at least we don't talk about death very well. It's something we like to ignore. I don't know if it's even possible to be totally comfortable with mortality, but we can try to find beauty and maybe some humor in it don't you think? 

Many artists create pieces with a memento mori theme.  I think they're trying to help us all be a little more accepting of death in a positive way and the joy that remembrance can bring.

This ceramic skull piece is a collaboration of Jon White and his wife Beth. It represents her memories of teenage life in rural Maine. Click the link to check out all the details in this piece.

Nineteen Eight Seven from Oddinq

This inexpensive brooch caught my eye for it's swinging angel winged skeleton in a coffin. It's rather unusual, don't you think?
Memento Mori Brooch from Psychic Circle

I love the shape and details in this ceramic mug by Trevor Foster. It's so very elegant and I can imagine drinking steaming coffee from it while contemplating death- in a positive way, of course.
Skull Mug from Trevor Foster Studio

I like this embroidered t-shirt for it's subtleness. 
Memento Mori Embroidered T-shirt from Saintwave

This silver skull bangle is to die for (sorry). I just love that it has a message that only you will know about.
Silver Skull Memento Mori Bangle from Sue Gray Jewelry

The quiet beauty of this ceramic bowl with a buried skeleton just tugs at my heart.
Memento Mori Bowl from Swenwares

Gorgeous! This would be beautiful in the garden.
Skull Ceramic Tile from Kest Pottery

As you look at these pieces, I hope you'll think about how you would like to be remembered.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Ghost Stories and Lizzie Borden This Week!

You know how when October arrives your calendar fills up so quickly and you feel like you're missing so many spooky events because there just isn't enough time? Well, I've started looking for events that I can attend and honor all year long so that I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. Here's my calendar for this week.

Wednesday the 26th

Tuesday the 1st
  • Lizzie Borden Death Anniversary (1927) 
  • Hugh Walpole Death Anniversary (1941) Wrote a collection of ghost stories called All Soul's Night.
Wednesday the 2nd
  • Peter Sallis Death Anniversary (2017) British actor with rolls in many spooky movies and tv shows. Best known as the voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit films

Monday, May 24, 2021

6 Spooky Pieces I want: Macabre Mix Monday

I hope you like my "lite" format of posting artists on Macabre Mix Mondays. As Halloween creeps closer, I'll start posting more often. You'll only see pieces here that I really like and would buy myself if I had an unlimited supply of cash. Sometimes it's hard for me to share them with you because I want to keep them a secret to myself, but I know that they more you give out, the more that comes back to you. I can't buy everything and these pieces need a special home.

I have to show you two photos of this awesome knit scarf that is coffin shaped. The reverse side is in white. Fabulous!

Full discloser on this piece: I'm thinking of purchasing it to keep my cats' ashes in, but if you really want it, it's your's.

Skeleton Urn with Lilies from Dirt on your Skirt

This Day of the Dead Catrina necklace just calls to me. Sometimes you need baubles.

Day of the Dead Catrina Necklace from Mary Jayne Jewelry

The Halloween art dolls from Ahania Art Dolls always catch my eye. Make sure you look at the shop.

Pumpkin Lady in Skeleton Dress from Ahania Art Dolls

It's not too early to start thinking about a Halloween party this year (GET YOUR VACCINE SHOT). A nice ceramic bowl is always good to have on hand.

Extra Large Spider Web Bowl from Sheila Ross Art

This witch candleholder is so spooky! She'd look great on a simple table surrounded by crystals.

Ceramic Witch Candleholder from Natva's Clay and Paper

As always, get them before I do.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Itching to Celebrate Halloween This Week?

Yesterday my dentist jokingly asked me if I was getting ready for Halloween yet. Of course I replied that I'm already behind. How can I plan for one day of the year when there are so many spooky events happening all year long!

 Friday the 20th

  • StokerCon 2021 and the Bram Stoker Awards through the 23rd. A virtual event hosted by The Horror Writers Association with panels, readings, and workshops
Saturday the 21st
Sunday the 22nd
Tuesday the 24th
  • Tanith Lee Death Anniversary (2015) Award winning fantasy and science fiction writer. Pick up one of her works to read this summer.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Shoportunities! Macabre Mix Monday Returns

Last week my husband and I took vacation time to celebrate our birthdays -just a day apart. I worked in the garden most of the time because that is my happy place. Our garden falls somewhere between a rambling english cottage garden and an abandoned cemetery. My muscles ache today, but it's a good ache. I did have time to skim through Etsy to find some spooky pieces that caught my eye. I hope you'll like them too!

Vampire's Eye Embroidered Pendant from Seance Stitches
Coffin Bullet Journal from Laura Is Dead
Bat Crystal Shelf from The Black Plank Shop
Sandworm Bow Tie from xoelle
Crochet Spider Web Blanket from Its Not Knitted
Ghost and Crow Suncatcher from Catch The Sun Design
Frightened Gothic Rag Doll from Toys by Ninamara

Don't forget to check back on Wednesday to see my Spooky Agenda list of things to do in the next week!

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

7 Things To Do This Week!


My days seem to always include something spooky. Whether it's a sale of Halloween art or marking the anniversary of a spooky event, Halloween really does last all year long. Let's drink to that! Here's what I'm keeping my eye on this week.

Wednesday the 12th

                    Gravestone Girls chat on cemeteries in New Orleans at 7:30 pm EDT on Facebook

Thursday the 13th

                    David H. Everett's Chicken Lips shop update at 8:00 pm EDT

Friday the 14th

                    Darksome Art & Craft Market begins at 2:00 pm EDT (through the 16th!)

                    1878 - Last witchcraft trial in the United States takes place in Salem, MA

Sunday the 16th

                    1985 -  Death anniversary of Margaret Hamilton, Wicked Witch of the West

Tuesday the 18th

                    New print release of Goblin novella by Josh Malerman

                    1995 - Death anniversary of Elizabeth Montgomery, Samantha of Bewitched

Monday, May 10, 2021

A Bewitched Garden Party

I'm having a little fun today with a post about an imagined garden party with Samantha, Endora, and Aunt Clara of Bewitched. The television show Bewitched has been on my mind lately with the death anniversary yesterday of Marion Lorne who played Aunt Clara and the upcoming death anniversary of Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha on the 18th of this month. I started thinking that it might be fun to host a 60s themed witch garden party this summer. Here is what I think they would wear and drink from if they attended.

Samantha always had a simple elegance about her. I chose a black dress, stylish black hat, and a classic teacup.

Witch Hat "Marlene" from Evercrumbly and Witch
60s Black Velvet Dress from Modern Ghost BK
Bat and Rose Teacup and Saucer Set from Angioletti Designs

Endora was vibrant and bold wherever she went! Her clothing patterns were bright and flowing, but don't for a minute think that she was anything but elegant and in-charge. She was always very put together and was a high priestess. No teacup for Endora- she needs a goblet.

Witch Hat "Magic Garden" from Evercrumbly and Witch
Silk Dupioni Gown from ClothesParty
Black Milk Glass Goblet Set from Auntie Q's Vintage

What can I say about the lovable Aunt Clara? She was the definition of bewildered. Her magic didn't work very well and she entered rooms through the fireplace, but she was the aunt everyone wanted.

Felted Wool Witch Hat with Roses from Witchery Store
60s Ruffled Floral Dress from ClothesParty

Purple Glazed Cauldron Mug from Witchy Woman Workshop

Now, if I can just convince my husband to dress like Dr. Bombay I think a witchy garden party will have to take place. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Silly Little Faeries

I don't know if you saw my Instagram post from earlier in the week, but I have a strong suspicion that some vindictive faeries pulled all 24 of the Vinca plants I had just planted out of the ground and laid them next to the holes. None were eaten or even nibbled on. Why suspect the faeries? Because (and I'm not proud of this) I forgot to leave out any treats for the faeries on Beltane. It's something I try to do and for some reason it just slipped my mind. Let this be a lesson.

May is the month of faeries in my mind- especially in New England where flowers are just starting to open and everything begins to look lush again after the cruel winter. So, today I have some faerie art to show you.

Enchanted Wood Fairy Pit Sphere from The Fire Pit Gallery

Miniature Fairy Doll from Felted Art and Dolls

Sweet Fairy Doll from Magita Craft

Fairy Jeweled Assemblage Ornament from A Soulful Journey

Halloween Fairy Doll from Checkerboard Faire

Sam the Faerie from Tanya Abaimova

Fairy Godmother Apron from Western Gothic

I'm hoping this post will appease the faeries in our garden by showing them how much I honor their presence. Wish me luck.