Monday, July 31, 2017

Creepy Circus

I don't think I've mentioned that our Halloween party this year is going to have a gothic circus theme. That means that my eye is always looking for spooky circus ideas, so you'll probably see it creeping into my posts in the next few months. If Susan Gamon lived closer to me, I would invite her to the party. She paints creepy scenes that would fit right in. I just know she'd come up with a great costume. You'll find her painting at Gallery Fantasia.

Dark Circus
Found Love at Last
Old Magician
Trick or Treat
Puppet Man
Clown with Balloons
If you're afraid of clowns, you're probably not reading this because you've already left this post. Sorry, I should have given a trigger warning. My bad.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Poison Bottles

Three years ago today I posted for the first time on Shivers of Delight. It was a simple photo of some vintage bottles of poison I own. I can't believe I'm still posting. I really didn't think I'd be able to go for more than a few days. I must be under an evil witch's spell.

Just so you know, over the next week I'll be refreshing the look of the blog. I don't think it will be anything drastic- just a lifting of the eyebrows, maybe a tummy tuck. Let me know if it's not working for you. I hate when a blog I've been following for awhile makes a drastic change that I'm not prepared for. We're friends after all.

It seems appropriate that I should do a poison theme today. Here are some poison bottles I'm thinking of adding to my collection.

Buchan Portobello Stoneware Poison Decanter from Anthology Vintage
Skull Poison Apothecary Jar from Orion Oddities
Vintage Poison Bottle from Preston Simply Nice
Black Skull and Crossbones Bottle from Conversation Glass
Poison Bottle Token Necklace from CLUE game from Jen Kay Designs
Cobalt Blue Poison Bottle from Jones Family Glass
Poison Bottle Candles from Darkness Void
My small poison bottle collection lives in our guest bathroom on the shelf over the sink. I used to keep mini bottles of alcohol in the medicine cabinet till it was removed, but I think after a few hours with me, poison might be more desired.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Wearable Objects of Power & Magic

Who wouldn't want to wear a little power and magic from time to time? Sometimes you just need to give yourself a little boost of confidence. Special pieces of jewelry can do that for me and I'm interested in some that can be found at Silver Alexa for just that purpose. The collection is made from sterling silver and handcrafted with "golden measurements and sacred geometry."

Four Horsemen Skull Ring
Witch Ring
Skull Bullet Poison Pendant
Esoteric Pentagram Pendant
Skull Art Nouveau Ring
Eagle Claw Ring
You're going to look like royalty in these pieces. Whether you choose to use your power for good or evil is entirely up to you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Charming Fairy Tale Art

What first caught my eye in Megan Wyreweden's prints was the quietness and dark atmosphere she creates. Her illustrations remind me of fairy tales I haven't read yet that take place in the underworld. I want to read those stories, but will settle for looking at Wreweden's prints for now. Her shop is called The Creeping Moon.

Charon's Crossing
Midnight Run
The Witch's House
Bone China
Conjoined  Twins
Death, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 
Wyreweden offers original paintings and prints of her work. Some of her images are also sold on t-shirts, cards, and pins. There is even some Krampus wrapping paper. Visit her shop to see it all.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Punch Bowl For Every Party

In years gone by, you couldn't have a party without a punch bowl. It was a standard wedding gift. You don't see them so much anymore except at tag sales, but I can attest to the fact that when you bring out the punch bowl at a party the fun factor rises at least ten degrees. Guests swarm like flies around them.

I own several punch bowls.  I seem to be the person that inherits them, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm looking for another one. The perfect Halloween party needs at least one punch bowl. I could look for one that is specifically designed for Halloween, but I shy away from those. You see, our party theme changes from year to year and while the eyeball punch bowl may be appropriate for the mad scientist party, it doesn't work so well for the funeral party. When it comes to serving pieces I prefer vintage black and orange glass. It's stylish and goes with everything.

Here are a few orange punch bowls I'm watching on Ebay.

Orange & Ivy Lusterware Punch Bowl
Amber Fotoria America Punch Bowl
Fire-King Tom & Jerry Punch Bowl
Indiana Carnival Glass Punch Bowl
Orange Frosted Punch Bowl

Etsy also has several pieces to look at.

Iridescent Orange Punch Bowl
Purple and Orange Harlequin Punch Bowl
Anchor Hocking Lusterware Punch Bowl
Now you have something to search for when pick through the neighbors' yard sales.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Give Me A Sign

Sometimes you have to be direct with people because they may not really understand just how much you love Halloween. A spooky sign should send the right message. You want one that is direct and has a touch of sophistication.  Best of all, hanging one by your front door should keep all solicitors (except those peddling eye of newt) away.

Drab Haus have some really fun and elegant signs. The husband and wife duo that run this shop split their time between music (they have a band called Bloody Hammers) and spooky woodcraft. These signs are not the cheap cardboard ones you'll find at Halloween so you can keep them up all year long if you wish. Buy quality over quantity.

Witch House Sign
Home Library Occult Books
Crematorium Sign
Apothecary Sign
Spirit Boards Sign
Memento Mori Gravestone Sign
A well-placed sign speaks hundreds of words and needs no explanation.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sculpted Zombie Jewelry

Krystal Osborne is a busy person. Besides her fantastic line of one-of-a-kind zombie jewelry, she is coloring hair in vibrant tones that will make you drool with envy. (Really, I could kill for the opportunity to wear the orange and pink hair she created- check her website for pictures.) But let's talk about the zombie jewelry. If you have a weak stomach you might want to look away. I don't think that describes you, though, so let's continue.

Osborne sculpts each piece and then paints them. No two are ever alike. What we get is a grotesque and somewhat amusing piece of WOW to wear. Zombie Head is the place to purchase earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that drip with decay. If you wear this jewelry you will be noticed.

Pink Undead Pendant
Bronze Patina Zombie Flesh Bracelet
Shrunken Head Earrings
Black and White Skull Zombie Ring
Voodoo Eyeball Necklace
Gray Zombie Pendant
These are the zombie sculptures I've seen in some time. You have to admit they look almost life-like. 😉

Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Halloween Paper Maché!

I think I'm attracted to paper maché because the materials are so simple, yet can become so spectacular. I think I need a workshop in this medium. Sarah Krupp is creating some beautifully spooky pumpkins from paper maché that I love. Each one is so individual and has a real personality. I'm looking to find two that reflect my husband and me.

You can find these pumpkins at BlackHoundEmporium.

Sad Pumpkin
Possessed Pumpkin
Melancholy Pumpkin
3-Eyed Pumpkin
Beatrice Buckmeister Pumpkin
Pumpkin Squash
I hate when I feel the need to own everything in the shop! This blogging is going to leave me broke.