Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Playful Monsters

When I look at the art by Alan Brown I can't help thinking that these monsters are just children who want to play. Sure, they're a little scary, but with the cheerful colors and light touch of hand I find them playful. Even in the darkest prints the subjects seem more petulant than frightening. Brown's seems to capture the monster in me and I like that. His shop is Medusawolf in case you want to find your inner monster.

Vampire Creatures of World Folklore
Laser Cats
Wendigo Creatures of World Folklore
Bat Force, Myo & Bunker Make Nice

I LOVE THESE! They just make me giggle and I want to hug all those monsters. These will make you want to hug your dark self too.  Brown also has two comic books for sale: Ovoyyamar Volume 1 & 2 which are fantasy horror comics featuring his own work. Visit his shop to see them.

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