Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Gargoyles For Garden Walls

If you have a secret space in your garden wouldn't it be lovely to have a gargoyle watching over it? Richard Chalifour creates models of architectural elements and then molds them using "cast stone," a material meant for outdoors. Chalifour is especially interested in casting gargoyles and images of the Green Man which is perfect for the poison garden I would like to create. The finished products look like they came right off of Hill House. These would also look great hanging over a small bubbling fountain. Take a peek at Cast Shadows Studio.

Worrywart Gargoyle Waterspout
Verdigris Green Man
Vampire Bat in Iron Finish
The Hypnotist Gargoyle
Quasimodo and Gargoyle Wine Stoppers
Baby Gargoyle Sculpture
These are just a few of the sculptural pieces available. I need that baby gargoyle living under a fern in my garden.

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