Friday, July 7, 2017

Dark Humor for the Hell Bent

Just admit it. We're all going to hell, or we're all in some sort of crazy hell, or we all want to go to hell, or we wish everyone else would just go to hell. In my hell, I fully expect to find PSYCHO SWAMI open 24 hours a day in the marketplace. Yes, there will be a marketplace in hell. That's where all the rude customers will be forced to work. But it will all be ok because PSYCHO SWAMI will make us laugh.

Black Stray Cat Iron-On Patch
All-Seeing All-Knowing Bloodshot Eye Patch
Elvira Mistress of the Dark Iron-On Patch
Creature from the Black Lagoon Iron-On Patch
Zombie SquarePants Patch
Herman Munster Iron-On Patch
Zombie Hello Kitty Patch
I feel the need to buy a denim jacket. Wow, I must be in hell. A denim jacket? Me??

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