Monday, February 29, 2016

Creepy Candles from The Jacks

The Jacks logo drives me crazy, but I like the candles so, I'll forgive them. Just look at it! That should be enough to scare you right there.

The candles are from a Korean company and if you go to their website and don't speak Korean you won't be able to read a thing. Good thing I found this English website for you. (Notice they don't include the logo.)

Skull Holder with Brains Candle

I love that when you burn the brains candle the wax runs out the eye socket like tears. Just perfect. The skulls come in black or white and the brains come in a variety of colors.

Not feeling like you need another skull?  How about burning the ears off of an adorable bunny? (You're not right.)
Rabbit Holder and Ear Candle
But wait! There's more. You can also burn the antlers off of Rudolph. Perfect for any Christmas display.
Deer Candle Holder and Antler Candle

Replacement brains, ears, and antler candles are available for when you've burned your sacrifices. Just fabulous.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Which Witch?

Yesterday evening I had the opportunity to see The Witch by writer/director Robert Eggers. Before I tell you what I thought of the movie, I would like to provide you with some information.

  • We don't have a television at our house so I saw none of the trailers or previews and heard none on the "news" about it.
  • I don't go to the movies very often. The last film I saw in the theater was Alice in Wonderland with Mr. Depp- that was nearly 6 years ago.
  • A co-worker saw The Witch and told me she hated it.
  • I know reviews have been very mixed.
  • I had a large alcoholic beverage right before going into see the movie.
Ok, I won't waste any more of your time. I loved The Witch. I did! I still do! Maybe I had lower expectations than other people? Maybe the alcohol helped? Maybe it's just a really good film.

Do not in any way think that this is a horror film (or even a mystery as IMDb would have you believe.) It is certainly not. I know this because I am really sensitive to scary things (example: as I child I hid behind a chair while watching Scoopy Doo cartoons on Saturday mornings) and I didn't cover my eyes or flinch once. Well, maybe once, but it really was just a flinch. No popcorn was spilled.

I think the important factor to keep in mind while watching this film is the fact that the full title is The Witch: A New England Folktale. While The Witch is an excellent example of what can happen when mass-hysteria hits a small family, I don't think Eggers was trying to be so obvious. Like all good folktales, there is a lesson behind the talk of supernatural and fantastic events. Our enlightened and educated selves perhaps expect Eggers to show us the real story behind the persecution of witches and are then disappointed when he shows us images of witches eating babies and floating naked into the air. But, I counter that he was telling us a story as it would have been told to the Puritans around the fire. This is their story- not ours, and I think it was a very well-crafted. I would see it again. 

I'm interested to know if you saw the film and what your first impressions were. Leave me a comment.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Flowers Need Skulls

The weather has been very mild here in New England this winter and last night's thunderstorms turned my thoughts to gardening. It's probably too early to get my hopes up, but in the meantime I can bring some of the garden inside.  What I like about the skull planters from HechoPorSego is that they can be hung on the wall. If you have pets who like to eat plants, a wall planter keeps them a bit further away. Wouldn't they make the perfect place to grow a few poisonous plants? And, these skull planters are cheery and fun!

Ceramic Floating Skull Planter
Floating Skull Planter
Floating Skull Planter
Hanging Driftwood Skull Planter
I love these little mariachi skeleton to put in your flower pots.

Ceramic Mariachi Band Potted Plant Decorations
If it's still too cold where you are to think about gardening, perhaps you'd like a little skull chimenea to warm up next to.

Ceramic Skull Chimenea

Aren't they adorable?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Post-Mortem Fairy Tale Photos

Here is what I know about the Etsy shop Mothmeister: the photographer is from Antwerp, Belgium and creates frightfully gorgeous photos. The photographer describes his (?) work as "post-mortem fairy tales." These are not the kind of photos I'd put in a nursery. I do think a series of them framed along a dark hallway would be sensational.

Surrealistic Art Print No. 108
Art Print No. 094*
Art Print No. 097
Art Post Card No. 017
Art Print No. 086
Art Postcard No. 078

These are so captivating, that I don't know how I'll decide which five to pick for my dark hallway. The nice thing is that postcards are also available so I can afford to purchase all my favorites. Please check these out. Once you see these, you won't forget them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brutal Spiders

I'm looking for a new ceiling lamp for our entrance hall and while I was searching I came across some unusual wall sconces from the 1960s and 1970s that look like spiders. They were all described as being part of the Brutalist movement and they were fabulous. I first saw them on Ebay and wouldn't you know it they're gone. I was so confident that I'd find them that I didn't Pin them. Stupid, I know.

I have found one on Etsy that I can share with you.


The description on this dragonfly says it was made in Italy in the 1980s. I like it, but this isn't quite as fabulous as the previous ones I've seen. So, I did some more searching and found this beauty on 1stDibs.


This lamp is from the 1970s and is described as being part of the Brutalist movement. The lamp is about 15 inches tall and 34 inches wide (and over $2,000, I might add.) Amazing. I must be on to something because the 3 different vintage Brutalist spider lamps for sale (around $500 each) that I saw just a few days ago are all sold.

I can soothe my frustration by knowing that there are artists out there still making wonderfully creepy spider lamps Just take a look at Etsy.

But let me tell you, if a 1960s Brutalist spider lamp ever crosses my path again, I'll have my credit card out faster than you can say "abracadabra."

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Side of French Poison, Please

Bust of La Voisin
La Voisin was executed on this day in 1680. Her real name was Catherine Monvoisin and she was a major player in the affair des poisons during the reign of Louis the XIV in France.  She began her career as a fortune teller when her husband's business failed and ended up hosting elaborate parties and black masses (sound similar to New York City in the 1970s?)  La Voisin was executed for being a witch and the purveyor of poisons to many in Louis' court.  She is said to be responsible for the deaths of well over 1,000 people.

If you're interested in the affair des poisons I suggest you read the fictionalized account in the novel The Oracle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley. It has poison, intrigue and romance. I wrote about it in a blog post that seems like eons ago. You can read the very short post here. I must say I pictured La Voisin as someone more attractive.

If La Voisin inspires you to bring a little fear into the minds of your family and friends, I recommend to you the wicked baking dishes available from several sellers on Etsy. I just love these. I need to get a few.

For something a little more sophisticated, I would recommend these:


Drink up!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Lizzie Borden Mayhem

You may recall that I have a bit of a fascination with the Lizzie Borden story. Did she or didn't she? Some days I'm firmly in the stance that she killed her father and step-mother and other days I'm not so sure. In the past week I had a chance to watch the latest Lizzie Borden movie (there are lots of them) Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (2014) which stars Christina Ricci.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this movie. Made for tv, the movie clocks in at an hour and twenty-seven minutes and seemed shorter than that to me. From what I know of the murders, the script seemed to stick fairly closely to the actual facts even if they had to gloss over some things to move the plot along. What made it fun to watch was Ricci. I don't think I'll ever again picture Lizzie without seeing Ricci. Her demeanor is chilling. No one can play wide-eyed innocence like she can, while at the same time making you feel you should never turn your back on her. The other nice hook was the awesome soundtrack. Even The Black Keys perform a song. I had the urge to dance at times.

The film doesn't attempt to cast any doubt that Lizzie carried out the murders. But for some reason, since she is so brazen and it's so unreal, I was still left with doubt. That's why I'm now watching The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. I just wanted more. The Chronicles (streaming on Netflix at the moment) is a tv series released last year that lasted 8 episodes and takes place after Lizzie is acquitted of the murders. Not much is known about Lizzie and her sister (played perfectly by Clea DuVall) after the murders so the series takes off in a crazy direction. Lizzie Borden, still portrayed by Ricci, is now a serial killer. Let me just say that after watching 4 episodes, I fell asleep a few nights ago counting how many people she had murdered rather than sheep. There were that many. The show is outrageous and humorous all at the same time. Which got me thinking. Perhaps the movie and series creators where trying to make the point that it is outlandish to think that a tiny woman could have killed anyone without any evidence ever showing up. Maybe by showing what people believed happened they expose how ridiculous it is.

Watch the movie and the series for the acting, the clothing (!), and the music. It's fun.

If you want to read a bit more about Lizzie Borden, check out my post Lizzie Borden: August 4, 1892

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Vladimir's Art

Done. My next cat is going to be named Vladimir. And when he asks why, I'll tell him it's because I fell in love with Vladimir Stankovic's art. I think you'll like it too. Stankovic is attracted to science and fantasy which combine to create some delightful little monsters. He lives in Odense, Denmark which sounds like the place of dark fairy tales to me. The shop you need to visit is Vladimirsart on Etsy.

Miss Cactus
Moth Queen
Debitum Naturae
Quarrel at the Ball
Anticipation of the Little Bride
Jersey Devil
The Grey I
Flight of the Dusk Creature

These are fascinating to look at. Don't you think? There are many, many more so, I strongly encourage you to take a look at his shop. And, while you're at it, you should probably head over to Facebook for Vladimir Stankovic's page.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beard Envy

You would be right if you assumed I don't have a beard. Thank you. However, my husband has grown a very nice beard that gives him, depending on how he turns his head, either a wise, professorial look or a crazed, hermit chic. I can't decide which I like better.

If I did have a beard, I would want to order some of the products from Beard Gains. I think my beard would warrant the devilishly slick items they carry. I also think a skull comb would look spectacular in my engineer-husband's pocket protector.

Wooden Beard Comb
Mirror Skulls Beard Comb
Star Wars Storm Trooper
Meat Cleaver
(couldn't resist throwing this one in)
Pity the Beardless shirt

There is lots more where this came from. I kind of want to grow a beard and run away to the circus. Maybe they would work as bang combs too?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Macabre Gallery

You might wonder where the spooky artists go to get their work exhibited and sold. It's not likely you'll see them exhibiting next to the lovely watercolors of rural landscapes (unless maybe you're Greg Stones.) That's why it's important that galleries like the Macabre Gallery in London exist.

The mission of Macabre Gallery is to "spread the Dark Art as the new art movement. After years of Pop Art, Contemporary Art, or Minimalist Art, comes the time of the Dark Art. New feelings, new sensations, new emotions, new themes and new artists. Pure art without limit or taboos."

They have a point. We know that Dark Art is a very strong movement in art right now, but is anyone else paying attention? Macabre Gallery is representing over 25 artists at the moment and I noticed they had their first exhibition last March. I'm hoping it will be followed by a second one this year.

Here are a few of the artists they represent. Take a look at the on-line gallery today. It's worth your while.

Candice Angelini: Rose
Olivier de Sagazan: Untitled
Oscar Dorian: Creepy Doll
Marino Benigna: Ricordo
Ed Schaap: Songbird
Oscar Olarte: Nueva Era
There are many beautiful and sometimes disturbing works on the site. Enter with an open mind.

If you're interested in Plague Doctor Masks (and who isn't!), the gallery has a link to a shop that sells them and they're smashing. Check that out too.

Half Plague Doctor Mask