Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spring Flowers Need Skulls

The weather has been very mild here in New England this winter and last night's thunderstorms turned my thoughts to gardening. It's probably too early to get my hopes up, but in the meantime I can bring some of the garden inside.  What I like about the skull planters from HechoPorSego is that they can be hung on the wall. If you have pets who like to eat plants, a wall planter keeps them a bit further away. Wouldn't they make the perfect place to grow a few poisonous plants? And, these skull planters are cheery and fun!

Ceramic Floating Skull Planter
Floating Skull Planter
Floating Skull Planter
Hanging Driftwood Skull Planter
I love these little mariachi skeleton to put in your flower pots.

Ceramic Mariachi Band Potted Plant Decorations
If it's still too cold where you are to think about gardening, perhaps you'd like a little skull chimenea to warm up next to.

Ceramic Skull Chimenea

Aren't they adorable?

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