Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Angela Rizza

I first saw the work of Angela Rizza on Deviant Art. After viewing her portfolio, I had to know more. Rizza is an illustrator with an intricate fairy tale style. Her pieces are beguiling. Like the fairy tales she illustrates, her images are serene with a hint of malevolence. You know I like that.

Rizza has a website which you should visit to see examples of her work. She seems to favor illustrating scenes from Tolkien, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter. Rizza also has a shop of prints on Etsy. These are some of my favorites.

Near Death
Crow Effigy
Cat Skull
Boern's Hall

If you love her style, head over to Society 6 for her work on home furnishings. There is a sale going on! You're going to love it. Keep up to date with everything Rizza is doing by liking her Facebook page. This should keep you busy for awhile.

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