Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Macabre Gallery

You might wonder where the spooky artists go to get their work exhibited and sold. It's not likely you'll see them exhibiting next to the lovely watercolors of rural landscapes (unless maybe you're Greg Stones.) That's why it's important that galleries like the Macabre Gallery in London exist.

The mission of Macabre Gallery is to "spread the Dark Art as the new art movement. After years of Pop Art, Contemporary Art, or Minimalist Art, comes the time of the Dark Art. New feelings, new sensations, new emotions, new themes and new artists. Pure art without limit or taboos."

They have a point. We know that Dark Art is a very strong movement in art right now, but is anyone else paying attention? Macabre Gallery is representing over 25 artists at the moment and I noticed they had their first exhibition last March. I'm hoping it will be followed by a second one this year.

Here are a few of the artists they represent. Take a look at the on-line gallery today. It's worth your while.

Candice Angelini: Rose
Olivier de Sagazan: Untitled
Oscar Dorian: Creepy Doll
Marino Benigna: Ricordo
Ed Schaap: Songbird
Oscar Olarte: Nueva Era
There are many beautiful and sometimes disturbing works on the site. Enter with an open mind.

If you're interested in Plague Doctor Masks (and who isn't!), the gallery has a link to a shop that sells them and they're smashing. Check that out too.

Half Plague Doctor Mask

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