Monday, February 8, 2016

St. Valentine's Heart

Whether you love it or hate it, St. Valentine's Day is approaching. My husband calls Valentines Day "Amateur Night" and that's just fine by me. It's a bit too forced- don't you think? I think we should celebrate by showing ourselves some love because if you don't love yourself no one else can love you either. Let's agree to adopt the symbol of an anatomical heart to show self-love. It's the real deal not some fake and cutesy thing. Show yourself some real love this weekend.

If you want to celebrate in style, consider these lovely items from Etsy and spread your love.

The Black Apples
Got a Thought
Heart Blanket from ArtfullyFeathered
Heart Duvet from InkandRags
Laser Cut Heart by Lightpaper
Linda's Other Life

You can keep these out and around all year long as a reminder to yourself.

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