Monday, February 29, 2016

Creepy Candles from The Jacks

The Jacks logo drives me crazy, but I like the candles so, I'll forgive them. Just look at it! That should be enough to scare you right there.

The candles are from a Korean company and if you go to their website and don't speak Korean you won't be able to read a thing. Good thing I found this English website for you. (Notice they don't include the logo.)

Skull Holder with Brains Candle

I love that when you burn the brains candle the wax runs out the eye socket like tears. Just perfect. The skulls come in black or white and the brains come in a variety of colors.

Not feeling like you need another skull?  How about burning the ears off of an adorable bunny? (You're not right.)
Rabbit Holder and Ear Candle
But wait! There's more. You can also burn the antlers off of Rudolph. Perfect for any Christmas display.
Deer Candle Holder and Antler Candle

Replacement brains, ears, and antler candles are available for when you've burned your sacrifices. Just fabulous.

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