Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brutal Spiders

I'm looking for a new ceiling lamp for our entrance hall and while I was searching I came across some unusual wall sconces from the 1960s and 1970s that look like spiders. They were all described as being part of the Brutalist movement and they were fabulous. I first saw them on Ebay and wouldn't you know it they're gone. I was so confident that I'd find them that I didn't Pin them. Stupid, I know.

I have found one on Etsy that I can share with you.


The description on this dragonfly says it was made in Italy in the 1980s. I like it, but this isn't quite as fabulous as the previous ones I've seen. So, I did some more searching and found this beauty on 1stDibs.


This lamp is from the 1970s and is described as being part of the Brutalist movement. The lamp is about 15 inches tall and 34 inches wide (and over $2,000, I might add.) Amazing. I must be on to something because the 3 different vintage Brutalist spider lamps for sale (around $500 each) that I saw just a few days ago are all sold.

I can soothe my frustration by knowing that there are artists out there still making wonderfully creepy spider lamps Just take a look at Etsy.

But let me tell you, if a 1960s Brutalist spider lamp ever crosses my path again, I'll have my credit card out faster than you can say "abracadabra."

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