Friday, March 29, 2019

Some Of My Favorites

The week has gone by and I've just scratched the surface of showing you some of the vendors at the Daughters of Darkness Night Market last weekend. By the way, did I mention that the vendors were all women-owned businesses? So here is a look at some of my favorites that were there. You can recreate the event in the comfort of your home by shopping online with a cocktail tonight. You're welcome.

Memento Mori Messenger Bag from ZBY Gallery
The Sad Hour Mug from Megan Meli
Hand Carved Planchettes from Jessi Hardesty
Witch House Patch from Lapels & Spells
Quartz Skull and Bat Wing Necklace from Hypnovamp
Roots and Bats Print from Little Ghouls Art
Eye of Providence Bracelet from The Cemeterrarium
Deaths Head Pouch from Verona Black
Spider Baby Print from Brett Manning

I could go on and on. There were so many great vendors in attendance. I'm sure you see more of them in future posts.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Jewelry for the Weird at Heart

Arcana Obscura's tag line is "Fine Jewelry for the Weird at Heart." It's definitely fine jewelry for the dark heart. I purchased a sweet, small, skull ring from their shop at the Daughters of Darkness Night Market last weekend and I'm in love with it. I spent several minutes at this booth trying to decide on just one item. Kate Hockstein is the designer of these pieces that will tug at your heart. They come in sterling silver and gold.

Memento Mori Ring
Hamsa Necklace
Armory Charms Bracelet
Taphophile Ring
Vampira Necklace
Crown & Cataphile Ring
Visit the shop for more beauties like these.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Gorgeous Gothic Accessories

The booth for VooDooooDolly was popular at the Daughter of Darkness Night Market. The crowns that Mallory makes were tried on by almost everyone! They're stunning in person. I decided on a beautiful brooch of an arm holding a wreath. I have a soft spot for mourning jewelry and I love that Mallory's design has a skeleton arm. Visit her shop VooDoooDolly to see more.

Prince Crown
De Manu Mortis Brooch
Saint Friedrich Ring
Aurelia Headress
Calla Lily Ring
Band of the Horned God
I guarantee you will love these Mallory's work when you see it in person. The details are beautiful and they even feel good when you hold them.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Salem's Youngest Spooky Artist

I think it's safe to say that the youngest artist at the Daughters of Darkness Night Market in Salem this past weekend was Georgia Wrenn. I believe she is around 7 years old and draws the friendliest ghosts and skulls you've ever seen. Her images are made into patches, pins, bags, and more. I first saw her designs last October at Emporium 32 in Salem and have been hooked ever since. She let me take her picture at the event (with parental permission) and couldn't be more cute.  Her dad has an online sports fan shop and that's where you'll find a page for Georgia called Georgia's Monsters.

Georgia at Daughters of Darkness Night Market
Here are a few items you'll find in the shop.

Heart Eyes Skull Enamel Pin
Salem Ghost T-shirt
Salem Skull Pint Glass
Salem Pumpkin Patch
Salem Skull Tote Bag
Santa Skull Enamel Pin
I purchased a few of Georgia's enamel pins at the event. You can read more about Georgia here. I'm keeping my eye on her to see what she does next!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Salem, MA: Daughters of Darkness Night Market

This past weekend, two of my girlfriends and I visited Salem for the exclusive purpose of attending the Daughters of Darkness Night Market at the Hawthorne Hotel. I want to tell you about the Night Market because it was fantastic and plans are already in the works for another one for next year. I want to make sure you have this in your sights - no date for 2020 has been announced yet. Head over to the Daughters of Darkness Festival page on Facebook so that you'll get updates when the next market or event is posted.

We waited too long to book a room at the Hawthorne Hotel (sold out!) so I jumped on Airbnb and found a wonderful listing that had a third floor (attic) apartment in a historic house just blocks for the Witch House and the Night Market. It was clean, bright, and very comfortable. We were able to park our cars off the street and walk everywhere. 

Before the Market, which started at 5pm, we made a stop at Rockafella's for a cocktail that turned into two because it was so delicious. We were drinking their Rosemary Gin Fizz and now I need to try to recreate the recipe.  We figured the rosemary would be good for protection if we needed it and dropped the sprigs into our purses. (Jess later put her's under her pillow that night.)

Giddy with excitement we walked over to the hotel to be confronted with a line that wrapped the building! Fortunately it moved fairly quickly because it was windy and a bit cold.  Once we made it into the warm and elegant lobby, we paid our $5 admission fee which was going to charity and were greeted with THREE floors of vendors. The place was packed with people, but you were still able to make your way to all of the vendors. Fortunately there was a bar on every floor in case you needed a little refreshment. There were so many great vendors- several of whom I've featured on the blog- it was hard to choose what to buy. I collected lots of business cards and made my purchases with a cocktail in one hand.

Of course the next morning, we made the almost required visit to the Witch House for a picture or two. It's a bit shocking when you first see it, because most photos would have you believe it's located on a quiet neighborhood street. Not the case at all as you can see the "reality" picture. Sorry to burst your bubble if you didn't know that already.

It was a beautiful morning so we also walked around Broad Street Cemetery (they're about to do some major restoration there so it may be closed for a bit soon.)

After pictures we headed to another sponsored event which was a Death Café where there was a panel of women whose work focused on death. It was a question and answer kind of session and interesting. The shop it was hosted in, Hive and Forge, is worth a visit and they even had a donut vendor on site. Speakeasy Donuts had a coffin donut with my name on it.

It was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do it again next year. I thought it was much nicer visiting Salem outside of October when the crowds can be overwhelming. You can visit shops and restaurants without long waits and the cemetery was nearly empty.

This week I'll be featuring the vendors where I made purchases. Stay-tuned for more!