Friday, September 28, 2018

Mystical Pottery

Caroline Elliot calls her pottery "fraught with symbolism." Her pieces are shaped and carved by hand and you can almost imagine her making them with moonlight streaming through the window. These are quiet pieces for contemplation and spells. Elliot's shop is Burnt Thistle Ceramics.

Fortune Teller Bowl
Moon Phase Box
Murder of Crows Bottle
Bat Spirit Bowl
Anatomical Heart Tray
All Seeing Eye Bowl
Prices range from $6 for a tiny bowl to hundreds of dollars for a larger piece. They draw you in, don't they?

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Printed Spooky

I discovered The Crafty Hag on Instagram (you're following me on Instagram, right?) and instantly fell for her blocky linocut prints of spooky stuff. Coralette Damme's images are printed on totes and towels too. The images are bold and simple and scream Halloween.

Bela Lugosi as Dracula
Solo Tuyo Tea Towel
Sideshow Wonders Print Collection
Ghost Octopus Tea Towel
Creepy Skeleton Telling a Ghost Story
Guardian Rune Raven Tote Bag
Das Vampyre Tote Bag
There is definitely a sweetness to this spookiness. Love it!

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Creepy Glass Figures

I had a great aunt who had a collection of little glass cats and other tiny porcelain animals. I loved looking at her collection and wanted my own one day. Now I have a "collection" of real cats and not any tiny glass animals, but I would consider collecting the glass figures by Thomas von Koch. His little glass figures lean toward creepy and crawly so, yeah, I'm there.  His shop is WGK Glass.

Hanging Black Widow
Hanging Glass Devil
Glass Ghosts
Dichroic Spider
Hanging Bat
Black Cats

I had to post the cats in honor of Great Aunt Hazel. She would have loved them. There are hundreds of glass figures in this shop. Something for everyone.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Time to Max Out Your Credit Card

Halloween artists' shops are loaded with goodies right now. If you're not on Etsy everyday, you're missing out. The mass-produced Halloween decor will be around for awhile, but the best one-of-a-kind Halloween pieces are snapped up quickly.

Nora Clarke's shop Hidden From The Light is stocked to the rafters with wonderful Halloween sculptures. I love her grinning vampires and pumpkins, and the candlesticks make me swoon. This is a shop to max out your credit card. Just sayin'.

V Is For Vampire
Two-Sided Ghost Candle
Eye in Palm Figure
Victorian Zombie Girl
H Is For Hag
Pumpkin Bat Girl
How do I choose?! It's especially nerve wracking because I know I can't wait too long to decide. I hope I win the lottery.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Eerie Illustrations

It's true that I usually lean toward the whimspookal, but I appreciate eerieness as well. I don't want to see violence, but I like getting a chill from dark art. Joy Schwarz is painting scenes that make me stare. I'm drawn to her surreal images; they'll take you to a dark place. Her shop is Schwarzrum.

Never get rid of.
Their Pounding Hearts Under My Chest
Within Me Burning
Schwarz is offering original watercolors- not prints. They really suit my mood these days. Get them while you can.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Slightly Off Embroidery

I don't know Marsena Adams-Dufresne personally, but I think we should probably be besties. Her profile describes her as a lover of "cats, cocktails and the macabre." It's like we're twins! To top it off, her art is embroidery. I'm smitten. Each of her black and white pieces will send a thrill down your spine. Her shop is Uncouth Curations. Enjoy!

Father Time
Goat Man
Sugar Skull
There is Death in the Pot
I'm jealous of Adams-Dufresne's lettering! It's so tight and clear. Maybe when we're hanging out one day she can show me how she does it.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Grumpy Pumpkins

Vanessa Dorsch is sculpting some pumpkins that I would say are fairly grumpy. They make me laugh.  Dorsch calls them whimsical oddities inspired by nature." Her pieces are each hand-sculpted and hand-painted. Any of them would make a lovely addition to your Halloween art collection. You'll find them at Grimwood Forest.

Stacked Trio of Pumpkins
Jack O'Lantern with Top Hat
Princess Pumpkin
Grumpy Pumpkin
Pumpkin and Ghost
Pumpkin with Party Hat
I know it's hard to believe, but I think one of the pumpkins just winked at me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Victorian Trading Co. Halloween

The Victorian Trading Co. is another one of those shops you might forget to check for Halloween decor, but I've found them to be a reliable source for anyone looking to create an elegant sort of spookiness. They carry beautiful costume accessories and household items that belong in a Victorian horror novel. A new item this year is giant bat wings that I really must have. It's exclusive to them.

Bat Wing Costume
Spider Web Tree
Beaded Spider Web
Gnarly Pumpkinhead Light
Twilight Bat & Moon Weathervane
Set of Three Potion Bottles
If you haven't decided on a costume yet then you should check out their costume accessories. It might just spark an idea.