Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Halloween Redux!

We're in strange times, my friends, and who is better prepared to cope with the odd and unusual than fans of Halloween? No one, I say. The stars have aligned to bring you three ways to celebrate the spooky this week.

Today, March 31st, has been designated as Quarantine-O-Ween by the Halloween community. To join in the fun and relieve some stress put on a costume, pull out some spooky decorations, carve a pumpkin (or what ever fruit or vegetable you have in the house), watch a scary movie, eat candy, and post it all on Instagram with the hashtag #quarantineoween. I can't wait to see what everyone gets up to today.

(And don't forget that some call April 1st April Ghouls Day.)

In addition, there are two great shopping opportunities this week. The first I want to mention is Artists in Alliance II. This is a virtual gathering of spooky artists and vendors that are offering special discounts in their shops from March 30th to the evening of April 5th. Many of the shops are offering 20% discounts! This is also happening through Instagram and you can check out the artists by following #artistsinalliance.

The biggest event, and the one I'm most interested in, is the virtual recreation of the Salem Daughters of Darkness Fest that was supposed to take place in Salem, MA this Friday through Sunday. I and my girlfriends, including Miranda at Spooky Little Halloween, had rented an airbnb for the weekend and were planning to shop the market, attend live events, and generally party like it was Halloween. Unfortunately, those plans came to a screeching halt a few weeks ago, but the producers of the festival persevered and have turned the weekend into a virtual event. I'm sad that we're not all meeting up in Salem, but this is a nice consolation.

Here's the event line-up so far (Eastern Standard Time for all):

  • Friday at 9PM a live streaming Q & A event with Lindsay Hearts and the Foxblood Shop
  • Saturday at 11AM a live yoga session with Black Widow Yoga (includes metal music)
  • Saturday at 8PM a live storytelling session with Old Growth Alchemy
  • Sunday at 8PM a live discussion with FunDead Publications about writing & publishing horror
In addition to all that, most of the artists that were going to be selling their wares at the market in Salem are refreshing their online shops beginning this Friday and offering some special deals. A portion of the profits from the Daughters of Darkness festival were going to Healing Abuse Working For Change (HAWC), a domestic violence nonprofit, and some of the vendors are giving a portion of their sales back to HAWC. If you feel inclined, a small donation would benefit that organization that was planning on getting a check from the festival and has now lost out on that income. 

Find out all the details of this year's Daughters of Darkness Fest on their website or use the Instagram hashtag #VirtualDODFest

Prepare yourself for a wild and witchy week! 

Monday, March 30, 2020

Macabre Mix Monday

I know it's hard to keep track, but today is Monday and for me, that means another Macabre Mix of Halloween art. Before I get to that, if you follow other Halloween bloggers I'm sure you've seen that tomorrow, March 31st is Quarantine-O-Ween. Lovers of Halloween are encouraged to wear a costume, carve what ever you have to look like a pumpkin, and maybe even put up some Halloween lights. Take some pictures and post them with the hashtag #quarantinoween. Let's bring a little fun into these dark days, shall we?

Albino Monster Birdhouse from grossandcolorful
Miniature Creepy Head in Glass Dome from Weird Sculpture
Fabric Sculpture Tombstone from Poppywise Productions
Rusty Metal Halloween Bat from RustyRoosterMetalArt
Bat Girl Art Print from SCREAMPRINTshop
Pumpkin Head Doll from JuliesCreativeIdeas
Crochet Pumpkin Dolls from KnittedToysNatalie
Halloween Pumpkin Witch Art Doll from PewterandPeriwinkles

Don't forget to wear a costume tomorrow and I'll be telling you about a super special Halloween art sale taking place this weekend with lots of online activities.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Art Dolls: My Magic Ooakland

Let's take a look at the magical and sometimes creepy art dolls and sculpture made by Elisabetta Visentini available in her Etsy shop My Magic Ooakland. The dolls are entirely made by hand from clay and dressed in hand-sewn fabrics. They're truly remarkable. Visentini also makes pieces you can wear as jewelry.

Irlander Fairy
Irlander Fairy, Magical Beer Creature
Goblin Troll
Bronze Skull with Mushrooms Necklace
Full Moon Necklace
Coffee Cup with Finger Spoon
Creepy Pumpkin
I love the facial expressions on Visentini's work! Please take a look in her shop today to see more magical creatures.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Spoopy Brooches at Modern Millie

In case you're not from around these parts, Modern Millie is an adorable shop in Salem, MA that sells women's (and girl's) vintage style clothing and accessories. Because they're in Salem they have lots of Halloween themed fabrics to choose from. I love stopping in there when I'm in town.

Fortunately for the world, they have an online shop and yesterday while I was perusing their wares (I got an email about a 15% off sale) I noticed the spoopiest Halloween brooches! They're made by Erstwilder and Daisy Jean Floral Designs and they're just darling.

Order soon and it might just arrive in time for Quarantine-O-Ween on March 31st (originated by Instagramer @ghostine I think.) Use #QuarantineOWeen to learn about it on Instagram.

Raven Mad Brooch by Erstwilder
Itsy Bitsy Spider Brooch by Erstwilder
A Moon With View Own by Erstwilder
Fright of the World Lights by Erstwilder
Endora Bewitched Brooch from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
Samantha Bewitched Brooch from Daisy Jean Floral Designs
The brooches come in sweet gift boxes so they're perfect for giving.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vintage Linens with a Touch of Magic: Lois and Leroy

What's not to love about repurposed doilies? Dori Brown dyes some a mystic blue or black and on others lets the original embroidery shine through- then magical decals are added to turn what might have been your grandmother's antimacassar into an altar cloth. The shop is Lois and Leroy.

Ouija Vintage Doily
Hawkmoth Table Runner
Crescent Moon & Crystals Doily
Witch Hand Altar Cloth
Mystic Hand Doily
Serpent and Roses Altar Cloth
Moon Phases Doily

So clever! These will look stunning on your side table if you don't have an altar.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Weird Fairy Tale Art Dolls: Maid In The Dark

I last looked at the art dolls by Cheryl Austin back in 2016. I think it's time for another look! Her fabric dolls belong in dark fairy tales. The shop is Maid In The Dark.

Day of the Dead Art Doll
Mermaid-Siren Art Doll
Witch Art Doll
Halloween Witch 
Halloween Witch Art Doll
Witch with Pumpkin Doll

I love all the witches! There is almost a coven here.