Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Post-Mortem Fairy Tale Photos

Here is what I know about the Etsy shop Mothmeister: the photographer is from Antwerp, Belgium and creates frightfully gorgeous photos. The photographer describes his (?) work as "post-mortem fairy tales." These are not the kind of photos I'd put in a nursery. I do think a series of them framed along a dark hallway would be sensational.

Surrealistic Art Print No. 108
Art Print No. 094*
Art Print No. 097
Art Post Card No. 017
Art Print No. 086
Art Postcard No. 078

These are so captivating, that I don't know how I'll decide which five to pick for my dark hallway. The nice thing is that postcards are also available so I can afford to purchase all my favorites. Please check these out. Once you see these, you won't forget them.

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