Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beard Envy

You would be right if you assumed I don't have a beard. Thank you. However, my husband has grown a very nice beard that gives him, depending on how he turns his head, either a wise, professorial look or a crazed, hermit chic. I can't decide which I like better.

If I did have a beard, I would want to order some of the products from Beard Gains. I think my beard would warrant the devilishly slick items they carry. I also think a skull comb would look spectacular in my engineer-husband's pocket protector.

Wooden Beard Comb
Mirror Skulls Beard Comb
Star Wars Storm Trooper
Meat Cleaver
(couldn't resist throwing this one in)
Pity the Beardless shirt

There is lots more where this came from. I kind of want to grow a beard and run away to the circus. Maybe they would work as bang combs too?

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