Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Loopy Boopy Art Dolls

Colleen Downs is the artist behind Loppy Boopy dolls. I purchased my Loopy Boopy creation back in 2007 and love it dearly. His name is Tom the Tomato Worm and he usually likes to live in my liquor cabinet. He's a bit of a lush.

Loopy Boopy dolls these days tend to be haunting and a bit melancholy. Which means that I adore them and want to take them all home.

Downs has an Etsy site for sales and a blog for her history, but her Facebook page seems to be the most current. Check it out for hundreds of photos of her past work. If you like her dolls, you're in luck because she is posting new creations on her Etsy site today!

New Work on Sale Today!
Prom Zombies
Lenny and Benny
Penny and Polly
Squid Child
Unfortunate First Grader
Last one to the sale is a rotten egg.

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