Monday, May 8, 2017

Monster Scouts

This would be a long post if I had time to fully explore Monster Scouts with you, but I don't have that luxury, so I'm going to trust that you'll click on a few of the links to explore on your own. No one really enjoys a guided tour anyway. You want to just wander around on your own. Am I right?

I stumbled onto the Monster Scouts Membership Drive '17 Kickstarter campaign yesterday and I want you to have time to make a pledge before the campaign is finished - just six days away. This is what I think I know: Monster Scouts is kind of like the adult alternative Cub/Girl Scouts. There are badges to earn, stuff to make, and camping trips. I was not a Girl Scout (I don't do well in groups), but this group looks pretty interesting to me. Probably because most of it takes place online and in your head.

The group is headed by Steam Crow, a husband and wife artist/musician duo. They like spooky stuff and making stuff and a business was born. They describe Monster Scouts as a "Scouting community of oddballs who love Halloween, Monsters, Making, and playing games." There are also missions to go on, creating your own Monster Scout uniform, and Monster Camps.

Their Kickstarter Campaign pledges consist of levels from $25 to $999 (this is Kickstarter after all) and for your pledge you receive an official 2017 membership card and certificate along with a variety of badges, pins, and handbooks. My favorite is the metal camp cup, but be prepared to pledge $99 or more for that baby.

Monster Scouts has an official website if you miss out on the Kickstarter campaign and still want to join. You can find out about upcoming missions such as creating art, writing a song, or making your uniform that will let you earn a badge. You'll also discover that they're offering four Monster Camps this year in Colorado, Idaho, Washington, and California. If you live in that area or have extra airplane miles you definitely need to check it out for me. 

Best of all, there is a fully stocked shop of Monster Scout merchandise  from t-shirts to towels to post cards to write home. Everything in there is AWESOME!

Can of Three Shop Rags
Everyday is Halloween Map Bag
We are Werewolves Not Swear Wolves T-shirt
Please spend time exploring this fantastic group. Now, who wants to start a New England Chapter with me?

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