Friday, September 29, 2017

Masks To Treasure

I'd like to introduce you to two shops that make artful masks. When an unexpected Halloween party invitation arrives, you'll always be ready if you have a stunning mask.

Libertini Arts sells leather masks made by Annie Libertini. Her masks have been featured on several tv shows including Once Upon A Time and Z Nation. They're spooky and beautiful all at the same time. I'm smitten with the doll mask.

Cracked Doll Leather Mask
Sugar Skull Leather Mask
Barn Owl Leather Mask
Edyn Rashae Studios is a family business that sculpts masks from clay and then makes a silicone mold which is hand painted. They also offer foam replicas of the masks which can be used for decoration. These masks have a hand-carved, vintage look that I really like.

Witch Mask
Pumpkin Paper Maché Inspired Mask
American Horror Story Inspired Clown Mask
I really need to start adding more masks to my Halloween art collection. They would look amazing as a group on a wall. If you have a mask collection let me know about it!

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