Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wonderfully Weird Art Dolls

"N" describes her dolls as strange and unusual. I think that her dolls represent the weirdness in all of us.  That's why I love odd, art dolls so much. They're a hint of what is beyond a person's physical exterior and a view into their soul.

Forever Autumn Dolls is the place to find a mirror of yourself. I hope it's not too dark.

Six-Eyed Oriental Style Doll
Gothic Vampire Demon Doll
Button-Eyed Head Ornament
Strange Gypsy Art Doll
Gothic Horror Art Doll
Creepy Lady in Black
The Creeper and the Sleeper Diorama
Dolls with an unusual number of eyes always attract me. Hmmmm, maybe I'm blind?

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