Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Goth: Clothing The Dead At Heart

We're a few weeks away from October, so I hope you've been working on your Spooky Wardrobe. October is the only time when you can wear that skirt with witches and reasonably hope to pass as an adult. I take full advantage of October and wear my spooky clothing and jewelry to work every day. Granted, I don't go full-blown Halloween, but you'll always see me wearing at least one item that says "scary."

In case your wardrobe needs a boost, I offer a peek at Good Goth. The shop carries everything from Steampunk to Graveyard Goth with Retro Rockabilly in between. Wear something they offer to work if you feel a little daring.

My Midnight Garden Gothic Lolita Skirt
Batty Swing Skirt
Cemetery Gates Dress
Skull and Roses Dress
Spineless Backpack
Spider Web Coffin Purse
Velvet Bat Mary Janes

I've chosen to show a few of the more classic pieces, but if you work in a bar you'll find more revealing clothing here too. If you want to see the wardrobe I put together last October, check out the post My Halloween Wardrobe modeled by Endora.

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