Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Halloween Wardrobe

This year it finally struck me. Why spend hours on a Halloween costume I'll wear for one night when I can put together a Halloween wardrobe that will carry me through the month? I already own several Halloween-ish pieces that I've purchased over the years, I own tons of black clothing, and with just a few more purchased pieces I have been able to wear something spooky every day this month.

I asked Endora to give me a hand modeling some of the outfits. She lost her head about it. Really- I had trouble getting the dress back off of her.

The embroidered sweater is a new purchase from VooVooDress. I absolutely love it. The design also comes in a cute t-shirt.

Endora is lounging in a skirt that was purchased as a gift for me on Etsy a few years ago. You can get a similar one from SwellRenditions. The original was from Hazel's Threads. She is wearing a necklace that I cobbled together from a skull I purchased in New Orleans, a string of grey beads, and a tassel. The fabric on the skirt is available as yardage if you want to make your own. I posted about the Ghastlies Fabric a few years back.

Endora was enjoying a sunny day on the back porch with some mums from the garden wearing a ModCloth gingham dress that I altered to include skulls and black lace. It was a bit too chippy originally. You can see the before-and-after here.

For quieter moods, Endora is wearing a skeleton bird sweater purchased from ModCloth a few years ago and a corduroy skirt printed with a skull and flowers from Angie's Sweatshop. I just love it. Endora is reading "Homebodies" by Charles Addams in case you were wondering.

Endora is very popular in the neighborhood. To greet the kids she is wearing a sweater purchased from Anthropologie many, many, moons ago and a brand new skirt from Bruno and Betty.

For more casual days, I have a few favorite t-shirts I pull out. Vampire Snoopy is from Old Navy. The crow is vintage-Target and the bat t-shirt was purchased this year from Cat Coven.

Endora threw a hissy fit after I accidentally pulled her head off and wouldn't model this awesome dress from RawBoneStudio. It's pushing the limits of what I could wear to work, but I couldn't pass it up.

The latest purchase I've made was this skeleton sweater from Target. It's perfect with black pants.

I'm looking forward to adding to my Halloween wardrobe. I hope you got some good ideas for starting your own.


  1. Can we go Halloween clothes shopping together? I absolutely LOVE every single piece you shared - esp. that first skirt. It is to die for. <3

  2. Ha! Definitely. Shall we meet in Chicago?