Monday, May 1, 2017

Beltane Fairies

Happy Beltane!  Today many celebrate the ancient festivals of Spring. May Day (as many non pagans refer to it) is the time for flower baskets, maypoles, and fairies. Beltane mirrors Halloween- just six months away- in that it's said the wall between the worlds get thin. Many traditions hold that on Beltane the wall between the fairy world lowers and you can pass into their world. Be careful, it may not be all it's cracked up to be for us lowly humans if the tales are true.

If your office isn't erecting a maypole in the parking lot today (mine isn't), we should still try to do something to honor the fairies and traditions of Beltane. Consider putting out an offering of milk, sweets, or wine this evening. Those are rumored to be favorites of the tiny fairies. And, for the record, I'm not so sure fairies are that tiny.  Tolkien and Clarke (Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell fame) both describe fairies as tall or taller than humans. You'd better leave the entire bottle of wine just in case. Nothing makes me angrier than not enough alcohol being served.

You might also be interested in an adorable fairy house for your garden. Even if the fairies are large, they have enough magic to make themselves tiny enough to enter if they desire.  I like these fairy houses because they use pumpkins and tie the celebrations of Beltane and Halloween together.

Pumpkin Fairy House from TurquoiseBun
Pumpkin Fairy House from TurquoiseBun
Fairy Garden Pumpkin from WaWasGarden
White Pumpkin Fairy House from WaWasGarden
Three Tiny Pottery Fairy Houses from Suzannes Pottery Farm
Pumpkin Fairy House Night Light from Suzannes Pottery Farm

If you don't have even a flower pot where you can set a fairy house you can still hang one around your neck to honor them.
Fairy House Under Glass from Lesya Pilezkaya
Wear a flower wreath today and dance as often as you can.  Just tell Human Resources that it's a religious thing and they'll leave you alone as long as you keep your clothes on.

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