Thursday, October 20, 2016

Welcome to the Dining Room

It's day two of The Thirteen Days of Halloween and I'm moving inside to show you some of our Halloween collection. Today, I'll show you the dining room where we, unlike many, actually eat dinner.

Many of the items in our Halloween collection stay up all year. I don't like to put away pieces that were made my artists. The decorations I bring out for a few months are usually Halloween specific like pumpkins.  This year I added real knives for some ceiling decor. That was a bone of contention with my husband who was sure they were going to fall down and kill us while we were eating, but so far, we live.

Many years ago my husband rigged up an awesome grid of fishing line that covers the ceiling. It's perfect for hanging all sorts of things. You'll also see some stars and a string of lights circling the room. The sheer ghosts also hang from there. You'll have a better look at those in the next few days. 

The felt table runner was one of ten I made for our wedding tables. Of course, we were married the day before Halloween. I like being able to pull them out every year. The orange bowl (filled with plastic vampire teeth) and candles are vintage.

The cabinet on the wall houses the Mexican Day of the Dead collection. 

The fireplace no longer works, but it's a great place to sit my giant wax pumpkin that I purchased at Target over 10 years ago. The spider platter is by Laura Zindel and the hands are vintage glove forms with a tulle sleeve I added. The print of skeletons toasting each other with beer mugs is by Dan Grzeca.

I created the wall of mirrors by spray painting mirrors I found at thrift stores. I put it up for a Halloween party two years ago and it never came down.

My grandfather made the china cabinet that I inherited. My grandparents used to put their best china in it. Now it houses glassware for the bar. I wonder what they would think? The devil match holder holding up the Poe collection is by Jonathan Adler. The poison cocktail napkins are vintage and designed by Georges Briard.

Thanks for visiting our dining room. Tomorrow we'll have a chat in the living room.

Don't forget to make some mischief today.

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