Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Horror Hoffine's Kickstarter Project

You may remember (probably not) that I posted about Joshua Hoffine's horror photography way back in October of 2014. I'd be surprised if you haven't seen Hoffine's work before. It's been floating around the internet for awhile now.  His carefully posed photos will bring back every childhood fear you've ever had. (I'm a bit afraid to purchase one and hang it in our house.) Hopefully, you're reading his blog.

Hoffine, in partnership with Dark Regions Press, is currently promoting a book of his photographs on Kickstarter. If you're interested get over there quickly because you have less than three days to support the campaign.

This is Hoffine's first book and is a collection of 13 years of horror photography. That's a lot of horror. Can you imagine having all that in your imagination? No wonder he has to recreate it. It's probably the only way to get it out. I'm sure his mother had no clue what was lurking there. He looks like such a nice man.

Rewards for backing the campaign range from an art card to hard cover copies of the completed book, t-shirts, a copy of Hoffine's short film Black Lullaby, and best of all, the opportunity to be in a Hoffine photo. That would be so amazing!

The estimated delivery date for this project is in December. Hmmmmm, sounds like the perfect Christmas gift for someone.  Do you need my address?

Head to Kickstarter now!

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