Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Gnarled Branch Caught My Eye

For many years, I posted almost daily on the blog highlighting different Halloween artists that caught my attention. I stopped doing that last year for several reasons: I was exhausted, I thought maybe Instagram had made the posts irrelevant, and there were changes in the artists that were using Etsy making it more difficult for me to find new (to me) artists that I found inspiring.

I've decided to restart these posts, but I'll post maybe one or two a week until I see if it feel right.

The Gnarled Branch on Etsy caught my eye this week. David Irvine is the Toronto artist behind the shop and he started painting over or adding to thrift store paintings he found. I find those fun, but Irvine's original art work is what has captured my attention.

The Goblin Mayor

The Cemetery Wanderer

Hallowe'en Painting

Dead Ringer

Morbid Clown

Hallowe'en Clock

I'm really draw to the the Dead Ringer and Morbid Clown! Visit Irvine's shop.

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature- I'm delighted you like my work! -David