Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Scariest Christmas Monster

Lately, you've probably been reading a lot about the ancient Christmas and winter monsters of Europe. They've been gaining in popularity the last few years- much to the Halloween world's delight. But did you know that the scariest Christmas monster is often the female head of the house tasked with the duties of buying presents, wrapping them, decorating, baking delicate treats, packing for a trip, and working a full-time job? She frightens everyone with her ranting foul-mouth, erratic driving at top speed, excessive drinking, and glowing red eyes.

I'm afraid I've become her.

So, in order to take at least one task off my list,  I've decided to give myself a little vacation from the Shivers of Delight blog.  (Now I can wrap presents at 6AM!) Don't worry, I'll be back January 2nd with lots of great finds. I'll continue posting on Facebook and Instagram. Are you following me?

I'm leaving you though with a great ghost story from A. M. Burrage (one of the greatest ghost story writers) who died on December 18, 1956. This story takes place on Christmas Eve so it's perfect really. If you can carve out 20 minutes for yourself, pour a glass of wine, sit with only the glow of the Christmas tree and listen to this story of a game gone wrong called "Smee."

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. I listened to "Smee" while feeding and cleaning up after five cats and still got scared! You're going to like this.

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