Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Victorian Hair Arts- And I'm Not Talkin' Chignon

Yesterday I mentioned that I visited The Mütter Museum in Philadelphia and saw the exhibit Woven Strands: The Art of Human Hair Work. The pieces on view were stunning and I would love to own a cemetery scene made from hair like this one. (Do I have to buy a ticket for the lottery before I can win?) The exhibit has both wall art and jewelry and if you get a chance to go before it closes on September 16th, do it.

I find it so interesting that there are artists still creating hair art. One of them, Courtney Lane, taught a workshop at The Mütter in April. Sorry I missed that! Don't despair thought, Lane teaches classes around the country from time-to-time and has a website devoted to her art called Never Forgotten.

Lane has pieces for sale and can make a custom piece from hair you possess. There is even a starter kit with instructions for making your own tiny piece of hair art. These pieces are made by Lane and are all for sale.

Never Forgotten Hair Art
Eiffel Tower Shadow Box 
Never Forgotten Hair Art
Grave Scene Paperweight
Never Forgotten Hair Art
Hair Wreath Shadow Box
Never Forgotten Hair Art
Shadowbox Bouquet
Victorian Hairwork Starter Kit
I'm A Mourning Person T-shirt
If you're really interested in the art of hairwork, there is a Victorian Hair Workers International Convention taking place in August in Missouri. I wonder how much a plane ticket to Missouri costs? Anyone want to join me?

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