Monday, March 26, 2018

The Goth Home Tour

Goth Decor, Gothic Interiors

I'm starting a new feature on Shivers of Delight called the Goth Home Tour. I'm inviting you, my lovely readers, to share a space in your home that showcases your spooky style all year long. I want to see all the ways that you honor your dark side beyond once-a-year Halloween decorations.

To be clear, dark is not necessarily evil- it may be a style others consider macabre or unnatural or scary.  It may be mystical, otherworldly, or gothic in design. Perhaps, it's your amazing Halloween collection that never makes it back to storage.

I hope to bring you a guest tour at least once a month- more often if I have enough interest.

Tomorrow will be our first tour and I'll be featuring the dining room of a fellow blogger from The World of Suzy Homemaker.  I'm so excited to be able to show you Suzy's style and introduce you to her blog if you're unaware of it.

Shiver of Delight features delightful dark art, devilish decor, and wicked fashion for you to discover and incorporate into your life- now I want to see how you use it. Inspire us!

If you'd like to be a guest feature, send me a message on the Shivers of Delight Facebook page (there is a message button on the top right side of the page) and I'll send you some instructions. You're welcome to share an entire room or just a corner that displays your goth decor.  This is your opportunity to bask in the moonlight.

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